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Thread: editorial response to a status check / follow up with a "Thanks?"

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    editorial response to a status check / follow up with a "Thanks?"

    sub'd a story. The mag didn't get back to me after the stated response time in their guidelines. So like a fool I wrote them to find out if my sub had been received. The editor just wrote saying that they'd received it; were sorry for the delay; still had the story; and would get back to me as soon as they could. Should I email them a quick note saying "thanks" and "take your time" or something? I'm always unsure how to respond in sits like this. (Don't want to blow this, any more than I already have, as it's a pro-pub ... with a really cool ed.)

    ps All this probably means of course is that my sub is still in the slush.
    Guess I've been so hard-up for a bit of good news lately that I read into this reply; sigh.

    Carry on... (with other threads)
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