So, I'm working on a little idea that I want to write on the side, but I've managed to get myself into a pickle.

Basic story is a girl who is living in South Korea and working in a ballet academy who gets pregnant and has to deal with raising a child, work, the child's father (Who is kind of a jerk), and so on. What I need to know is what laws in South Korea would affect certain situations in my story.

1. A guy she meets later on wants to adopt the baby and marry her. He is a South Korean citizen. Would they have to be married before he could legally adopt the baby? What would they have to do for that to happen?

2. The mother of the baby is a US citizen, and so is the baby. How would this affect the adoption process?

3. I've already done a lot of research into ballerinas who get pregnant, and I know that it is possible for one to have a child and still continue to work. However, I also understand that there is a lot of problems for single mothers in Korea. Even though she is working primarily with non-Koreans, are there any laws or anything that would make it harder for her to work as a single mother?

If I think of anything else, I'll add it. Thanks to anyone who can help at all. :-)