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Thread: Please support our AW Examiners! :)

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    Thumbs up Please support our AW Examiners! :)

    Caseyquinn has been so great in compiling our various links and helping to keep track of who's who on the list of AW Examiners. I thought we could use a sticky (hoping a moderator agrees) of our own for ease in keeping that going. This way, we don't have to keep going through the other thread to find one another. And if someone's too busy to post on AW right now we will know where to find them.

    Please support our AW Examiners by visiting our columns. Join and comment, help us to improve and to earn more income.

    Thanks all

    Moderator Note: I'm taking over updating this list for Cassiopeia, now that she's no longer with Examiner. I will continue to update it. If at any time you quit, please let me know so I can edit the list accordingly. Thank you! Also, please don't just add a post with your link -- tell me the title of your position with Examiner, so I don't have to go looking to find out. It would make my job easier. Thanks! ~ Julia (TemlynWriting)

    Here's an updated list so far:


    DeKalb County (Alabama) Examiner (zanizh)
    Atlanta MMORPG Examiner (tinasamuels)
    Atlanta Women's Health Examiner (tinasamuels)

    Baltimore Book & Blog Examiner (Inspiewriter)
    Baltimore Gardening Examiner (baltogardener)
    Baltimore Homeschooling Examiner (NancyP)
    Boise International Travel Examiner (nancy sv)
    Boston Dogs Examiner (ravenlea)
    Boulder Writing Examiner (NicoleJLeBoeuf)
    Bucks County PA Events Examiner (JanineWrites)
    Burlington County NJ Nightlife Examiner (Words Are My Life)

    Charlotte Colleges Examiner (Robin29)
    Charlotte Sports Examiner (caseyquinn)
    Cheyenne Food Examiner (Lilith70)
    Chicago Science News Examiner (rattitude)
    Cincinnati Staycations Examiner (sugarloaf10)
    Cleveland Restaurant News Examiner (Crystal Lewis)
    Colorado Mountain Fitness Examiner (Lisamer)

    Dallas International Travel Examiner (apacrib)
    DeKalb County (Alabama) Examiner (zanizh)
    Denver Gay Parenting Examiner (Autodidact)
    Denver Health and Happiness Examiner (Health_Geek)
    Denver Homeschooling Examiner (ColoradoMom)
    Denver Independent Film Examiner (agfleenor)
    Denver Skiing Lifestyle Examiner (Lisamer)

    Fresno Children's Fashion Examiner (MrAlex'sMommy)

    Hartford Vegetarian Examiner (LisaBurke)
    Hartford Women's Health Examiner (kakumei)
    Houston Book Examiner (mamaesme)
    Houston Theater Examiner (TemlynWriting)

    Little Rock Pop Culture Examiner (kriswriter)

    Maine Education Examiner (jenngreenleaf)
    Milwaukee History Examiner (Shadow_Ferret)

    Nashville Pop Culture Examiner (beforehecheats)
    Nashville Theatre Examiner (agonyzer)
    Newark Fine Arts Examiner (jerseykat)
    Norfolk Cats Examiner (donellawrites)
    Norfolk Organic Food Examiner (norfolkfoodexaminer)
    North Carolina Cancer Examiner (Jaynie)
    NY Apartment Dog Examiner (yakkity)
    NY Architecture Examiner (Lara)
    NY Autism & Parenting Examiner (SouthernFriedJulie)
    NY Parenting Examiner (Skyraven)

    Oklahoma Alternative Medicine Examiner (AngEngland)
    Olympia Online Shopping Examiner (Cyfarwydd)
    Orange County Homeschooling Examiner (LindaH)
    Orlando Creative Writing Examiner (mariedees)
    Orlando Sci-fi Examiner (luvbooks)
    Orlando Theme Parks Examiner (inkkognito)
    Orlando Tourist Spots Examiner (paperboy1005)

    Philadelphia Doll Collecting Examiner (D7ana)
    Philadelphia Theater Examiner (GrammarScribe)
    Phoenix Special Needs Kids Examiner (Cyjon)
    Portland Fitness Examiner (Donohue)
    Portland Gardening Examiner (psharmon)
    Portland Home Improvement Examiner (psharmon)

    Raleigh Green Living Examiner (Agee)
    Raleigh SAHM Examiner (tpridgen)
    Reno Events Examiner (renowriter)

    Sacramento Plus Size Fashion Examiner (NBWrites)
    Seattle Budget Entertainment Examiner (cllorentson)
    St. Cloud Budget Fashion Examiner (cmajaski)
    St. George Travel Examiner (michellek)
    St. Louis Books Examiner (Kasey Mackenzie)
    St. Louis Cub Scouts Examiner (stldenise)
    St. Louis Motherhood Examiner (stldenise)
    SF Baking Examiner (blueobsidian)
    SF Gardening Examiner (Thrillride)
    SF Wildlife Examiner (Thrillride)
    SF Workplace Communication Examiner (WriterKM)

    Tucson Day Trips Examiner (MamaLou)
    Tucson Pets Examiner (HeidiW)

    Washington, DC Smithsonian Museum Examiner (C.T. Richmond)
    Washington, DC Telecommuting Examiner (JNS)

    World Bike Touring Examiner (nancy sv)

    National Apple Products Examiner (Medievalist)
    National Cats Examiner (HeidiW)
    National Christian Writing Examiner (TracyR)
    National College and Finance Examiner (Robin29)
    National Creative Writing Examiner (zanizh)
    National Deadliest Catch Examiner (Kathleen Roberts)
    National Financial Planning Examiner (pastmaps)
    National Fringe Examiner (3bagsful)
    National Great Smoky Mountains National Park Examiner (Wendy J)
    National Green Living Examiner (ameliawrites)
    National Interpersonal Relationships Examiner (WriterKM)
    National A&E Intervention Examiner (lsk)
    National Quilting Examiner (RHQ)
    National Real Housewives of Bravo Examiner (lsk)
    National Science Geek Examiner (princessvessna)
    National Shop at Home Examiner (starbirdy66)
    National Southeast Asia Travel Examiner (Orientalist)
    National Urban Gardening Examiner (princessvessna)
    National Wedding Planning Examiner (RitrChick)
    National Youth Travel Examiner (envision)
    Last edited by TemlynWriting; 06-07-2010 at 10:50 PM. Reason: Taking over updating the list; editing typos; cleaning it up a bit, too!

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    write from the heart and what emerges will be worthwhile." ~Author Bob Lee

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