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Thread: Beta or Share Your Work - Options

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    Beta or Share Your Work - Options

    I periodically take a look at the posts requesting beta readers and so often it seems to me the poster would be just as happy, maybe happier, if he or she would post a selection for review and comments in Share Your Work instead.

    Share Your Work (SYW) is open 24/7 for AW members to post first chapters of novels or non-fiction works, short stories, query letters, synopses, and even paragraphs and tidbits of works in progress for review and comment by their peers. There are some excellent critiquers in Share Your Work who are tremendously helpful. Share Your Work is an excellent learning tool. If you haven't found SYW yet, it's located just a little farther down the main AW page; it's password protected (easy access for AW members), and sub-divided into genre specific subforums.

    The whole idea of SYW is for posters to get a feel for areas that need to be improved so they can take it from there and improve their entire WIP. Many writers don't realize that adverbs are out of favor, backstory needs to be worked into the story in little bits, infodumps are bad, and switching POV midstream is a not a good thing. The critiquers in Share Your Work help posters see and identify problem areas and help posters become better writers. And, one of the ways to become a better writer is by critiquing the work of others. If you do decide to visit SYW, you're invited (actually encouraged) to try your hand at critquing too. There's also a specific forum in SYW for query letters and synopses.

    If you decide to take a look at posting in SYW, please read the Advice for Newbies main post in the Main SYW forum at the top of the page before posting. The Advice contains fifty points which will make your SYW experience more pleasant and beneficial.

    On the other hand, if you've cleaned your WIP up to the point it is spotless - no grammatical or typographical errors, no problems with pronouns and antecendants, no switching verb tenses, and a thoroughly engaging story that comes to life - then you might want to ask for a beta reader to look over your entire manuscript instead.

    There are many options for help here on AW. I wanted to make sure you were aware of an excellent one that is sometimes missed or overlooked by newcomers. Puma
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