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I've been reading through this thread to learn what other users think a "beta reader" is. I've written two novel length works, neither of them published, and now working on a third. I belonged to non-virtual writing groups when I was working on the earlier two projects. What I found was that writing groups were willing to give detailed feedback on individual chapters, but that it was really hard to recruit someone to read the whole thing. It was a little unnerving, because it made me think my chapters themselves were not engaging enough to recruit a reader. But an author of long-form fiction or nonfiction would also like to know if the whole thing holds together, if the story arc is well designed, if the character evolution is well done.

I don't have 50 posts yet, so I can't post in SYW, but I'm a little concerned I'll have the same issue. I'll receive good feedback on individual chapters, but no one to read the whole thing.
Yeah, I think I'm going to be in the same boat. I'm not really looking for a line by line breakdown of a chapter, but more of a high-level analysis of the story as a whole. At 80-90K words, it's a lot to ask of people but, at this point, it's what I need. I can focus on the smaller details once the major details of my story have been finalized.