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Thread: Fairy Tale Retelling Seeking Beta Reader (35000 words)

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    Fairy Tale Retelling Seeking Beta Reader (35000 words)

    As the title suggests, I have a fairy tale retelling in need of beta readers. It's got elements from a variety of fairy tales, but the framing device is The Goose Girl from the POV of the Handmaid. It's already had one reader on it, but I'd like another pair of eyes or two before submitting. I was hoping to have it ready for the Fireside or Tor open submission in early August. I should have posted this sooner. If that time frame doesn't work for you but you're still interested, I'm still happy to get your feedback on your own time. Anything at anytime is better than nothing, after all.

    Brief Summary:

    Two days ago, Gemma Warwick was just her princess's loyal handmaid and protector.
    Yesterday, a monster stole Gemma's body and trapped her in a reflection.
    Now, Gemma's borrowing a kind old witch's body. It's slow, it aches, and it has strange powers she doesn't know how to use, but it'll get her back to her princess, and no monster, army, or fairy tale is going to stand between them.

    Thanks for taking a look.
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