I am an Orthodox Christian, or at least trying to be. I grew up in a Southern Baptist home, became idealistically irritated at church at 15, changed to the Methodist Church around 17, and from there drifted into the Charismatic movement in it's early days (mid 70s). There I remained for the next 21 years when I had finally and formally burned out on it. This was an odd phase form me, for I still believed, but couldn't really make myself care day to day, and saw little attractive or fulfilling in what I had known. Around 1994 I started sniffing around liturgical churches, like Traditional Anglicanism, testing the waters to see if that more ancient expression of worship fit the bill. While investigation the Anglican communion, I stumbled upon the Orthodox Church, and began to read up on it's teachings and traditions. For me it was like light bulbs flashing on left and right...some many things I thought I knew reordered, or upended. It destroyed most of my former certainties, and showed me paths the places I thought had vanished ages ago. O blessed undoing and remaking. It's been 20 years since I was convinced of the Orthodox Christian faith, and I've never had the slightest occasion to reconsider since. It's not grown old. It's only grown deeper and vaster and more beautiful than I ever imagined.

Why am I here...mainly to connect with serious writers in order to improve my craft and to build a network of those who might be willing to beta read, critique, etc. in exchange for the same. If they are serious Christians who understand the impulse to faith, who value and understand the impact of traditional theology on one's life (and by extension, a character's life) so much the better. And if they can engage the practical and theological implications of proposed story conceits and discuss them intelligently, then even better yet.