When my father was out of work in 1979, my family was on food stamps and WIC. And it wasn't a big deal, as far as I was concerned.

But now, I'm unemployed and my unemployment checks are less than half of what I was earning when I had my job. My wife is going to have our baby any day now. When she goes on maternity leave, she will be making 65% of her paycheck for about six weeks.

Meanwhile, I've been watching our checkbook balance start to decrease more rapidly than what makes me comfortable.

I'm wondering how one qualifies for food stamps and WIC, if it comes to that. I know that you have to have a certain income level, according to the info I read online about food stamps, but what about temporary situations like job losses and maternity? I don't hope to be unemployed for too long, (and still hope my book sells hope hope hope) but if financially we're not going to make it, then can food stamps or WIC help us out?