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That's a fantastic story. Lovely deer, too, and when we see evidence of a wildlife visit (from raccoons, bobcats), I always think of your cams and that I should invest in one.

Have you seen the eight part ninja obstacle course for squirrels? Animals are amazing.
I have. It's jaw-dropping.

I usually have no use for gray squirrels, but there's one squirrel that started approaching me for peanuts back in the early spring, when she was so pregnant as to be almost circular. Moochie has since had her babies, but she still cadges snacks if she sees me in the yard/on the deck. Since gray squirrels generally have two litters - one in spring and one in summer - I'm wondering if she's going to give a repeat performance.

What's funny is that other squirrels have learned from her behavior, and I'll often discover one dogging my footsteps when I'm outside. I sometimes keep peanuts in my pockets for them.