I often wonder if it is just my three drinking buddies and I who are the only people in the world who loathe worthless banter and slathered blather about nothing. When listening into the conversations of other people at the bar is beyond infuriating.

I've sat with each of these three gentlemen for a continual hour of drinking with no speaking. Not planned, just appreciated.

I'd say the Cooler equivalent of the problem would be the "Movies you hated" thread. I guess some people just talk to talk or enjoy circling conversations with "Hey, me too!" posts three per page. No offense, I saw some, what I would consider, borderline not normal people there.

Maybe I just want the whole world to shut up. Perhaps this thread is a prime example of what I'm bitching about in the first place.

It's all so irrelevant and meaningless anyway.

It's just been at least a couple weeks since I started a thread that goes nowhere. It's true, the typical thread killer rarely starts a long one. Guess it goes with the job.