After reading all the posts... I had to speak out too.

I started with a 'sister branch.' of ICL. The Long Ridge Writers. I finished the course. Almost three years in the doing. They state on nearly every page of their literature that if not satisfied, money will be refunded—but—you must finish the course. That's only fair. How will you know you benefited if you don't finish?
I asked my instructor if everyone passed the entry test. I was told no, but most do because most people who try, are interested or they wouldn't be trying. Made sense to me.

Think about it. If your entry was pretty bad, It's because you needed a class in writing——ICL would expect a person taking the test to need help with their writing. Duh? It's a school.

I'm working on my fifth assignment in the Novel Writing class with the same school. I love it!

Getting published is the hard part, and a whole 'nother can of worms. I don't like that side of writing either, but that's how it is.

I just got a rejection from the first short story I submitted. I'm not unhappy about it though. They liked my query, my synopsis and asked for a full MS. The editor who rejected my work was so nice about it. She gave me some great feedback.

I can't say enough good about ICL and LRWG. If I'm not mistaken they partner someway with Writers Digest?