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Thread: Hi, I just want to sit and cry. Is that ok?

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    Mar 2005
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    Hi, I just want to sit and cry. Is that ok?

    Hi, I got a rejection today. I sent a short story to a magazine and they rejected it. Yes, they rejected it. Yes.

    I was really proud of that piece and they rejected it. Yes they did. "Oh, that this too too solid flesh would melt itself into a dew!!!!"
    Whew!!! I needed that.

    Well I'm really feeling down and just wanted to talk to you, my friends.
    Basically, today I just feel like I should pack my pen and give it to someone who could use it.

    To give you a little bit of info about my self. I'm a third year Computer Science student in a Toronto University. But I love writing. Writing is one of my favourite pass-times. Today however, I feel that my dreams have shattered and the tiny pieces fell and rolled to unreachable corners. I feel as though a part of me, is dead.
    I have days which i like what i write and days which i hate what i write. But now I feel like i should only write checks as compensations to those who read my stuff. I dunno, please share some of your feelings of selfdoubt if you do indulge them.
    Anyways, that rejection really got to me. They didn't say anything bad, is just that it's so painfully cliche it made me want to eat my story. Can you relate to this?

    I know I'll get over it and probably keep writing but now, I just can't think of ever being a writer. Anyways here is a lil more about myself:
    I'm originally from Cuba and have only been speaking English for about five years. The funny thing is that I love writing in English. I have yet to write a piece in Spanish.

    Anyways I'll stop writting because I think my thoughts are coming out as coherent as a five year old's speech at a Santa Claus' parade.
    Thank you very much for lending me your shoulder to stain it with my tears.

    P.S I began a webmagazine about a week ago at: (You can go there if you want to read my stuff. HOWEVER, it hasn't been edited or proofread yet, it's still under construction. And as I said, I'm far from being English-fluent at a writer's level. So bear with me on spelling mistakes and typos.)
    Thank you.

    edit: Oh yeah I'm Kenneth.
    Last edited by kibkid; 05-25-2005 at 07:29 AM.

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