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Thread: NEW CONTEST: The Inauguration Poem We Should've Had

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    NEW CONTEST: The Inauguration Poem We Should've Had

    There's been good discussion about the poem read at President Obama's inauguration last week - and much (but not all) of the response was negative.

    The question we'd like to pose to you is: If you'd been asked, how would you have responded?

    Here's your challenge: Write your own Inaugural Poem. Assume it's in the current context -- you would have been invited to read it at Obama's inauguration. Therefore, the poem should be appropriate for the event (which can mean whatever you deem it to mean).

    I'm still mulling the first prize; there will be at least one poetry book or recording as a prize. I'm going to shop around; I assure you that the prize will be one the winner will enjoy. (If there are more prizes, some will be assigned to minor placewinners.)

    Each AW member can submit one entry, which must be his or her own work.

    The only constraint on form is that the poem should be within three hundred words or fifty lines.

    Post your entries to me via PM, by Sunday, February 15. The entries will be posted by Monday, February 16.

    Voting will open on Tuesday, February 17 and close on Sunday, March 1.

    I'll announce the voting rules when voting opens.

    Please feel free to PM me with questions, or to discuss the contest here.

    I hope you all enjoy the idea; we look forward to a fun contest and an active discussion!
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