I managed 10 books in June but only one YA (BETWEEN WORLDS). I am behind schedule for my 130 target for the year, mainly because I've just had so much RL stuff going on, but I shall persevere.

  1. Between Worlds: Folktales Of Britain & Ireland by Kevin Crossley-Holland.
  2. Against Hate by Carolin Emcke.
  3. Moscow, Midnight by John Simpson.
  4. Marked by Benedict Jacka.
  5. Joe Country by Mick Herron.
  6. Ronan Boyle And The Bridge Of Riddles by Thomas Lennon and John Hendrix.
  7. Astroturf by Matthew Sperling.
  8. Narwhal – Unicorn Of The Sea by Ben Clanton.
  9. Death In The Spotlight by Robin Stevens.
  10. The Joy Of Missing Out: The Art Of Self-Restraint In An Age Of Excess by Svend Brinkmann.

Reviews are up on my blog https://ireadthereforeiblog.wordpress.com if you're interested in checking them out.