I have fought full contact kickboxing up through my mid 30's, I've been hit in the ribs with a steel broadsword so hard that the chain mail I was wearing dented and fractured three ribs so I am no stranger to pain. With all that said, i was not prepared for the pain I felt when Irecieved my first rejection for my newest novel.

To be fair, I went back and reviewed each comment and what killed me was that I actaully found myself agreeing with 80% of the critique. How could I have been so blind NOT to see this stuff prior to my submission? Why did it seem so damned perfect BEFORE I sent it out?? I had an opportunity to score and I dropped the ball. I don't blame the publisher, I blame ME and that's what pi$$es me off the most. I BLEW IT. I FAILED. I let a golden opportunity slip by and the hurt is worse than any physical blow I've ever endured.

The frustrating thing is that I have to blame the guy I see in the mirror for this. I can't deflect it or avoid it.. yuch!! I'm sure this is only the first of many, tell me.. does it get any easier??