I'm not asking if it exists, as I know it does. Recommendations, comments etc please.


Julie Burchill, Sugar Rush. (I have read this and was underwhelmed. JB is a well-known and rather confrontational print journalist in the UK and this apparently was her attempt to write a YA novel that crossed over to adults. I was never really convinced by the central character who sounded more like JB than anyone else. However, it was the basis of a TV serial which ran to two series and is, just for once, much better than the book. There is a book sequel, Sweet, but I haven't read it.)

Gay (Male):
Paul Magrs, Strange Boy. Another adult novelist goes YA. Set in the 80s. Not read it.

(sort of) Meg Rosoff, What I Was. Recommended but only marginally gay, for reasons you'll have to read the novel to find out.


Can't think of any. Anyone?

Julie Anne Peters, Luna. Not read it.

There's also David Walliams's The Boy in the Dress. I've not read it, and I tend to be suspicious of celebrities who've suddenly always wanted to write a children's book. I'm not sure quite who it's aimed at - it looks like a MG book (complete with Quentin Blake illustrations, not that there's anything wrong with that) but the content is by all accounts YA. (Not just the cross-dressing theme, but there's apparently a scene where the protagonist finds his Dad's porn collection.) Most of the reviews on Amazon are favourable, but I notice they're all by adults, not teens. Has anyone here read it?

No doubt there's lots more, and I'd be interested in any recommendations.