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1. The NaNo owners don't actually "receive" the contestants' manuscripts. You just validate your word count in a temporary upload, which is deleted as soon as the words are (electronically) counted. No manuscripts are collected by the NaNo owners.

2. With NaNovels, I would polish them, and if I felt they were good enough to worry about submitting somewhere, I would just not mention that the novel was written during NaNo. Agents receive submissions all the time. They might receive quite a few right after NaNo finishes, but they'll still receive some non-NaNo submissions during December and January. Just don't mention it's a NaNovel. If the writing is good and polished, they won't care when they receive your novel.
Thank you for the tips. I want to participate in NaNiWriMo this year. I hope it will turn out well.