This is my first New Year at AW, so hopefully this hasn't been done before... We've got all these threads about our resolutions, where we're partying, and what we're cooking... I figured I'd throw the "Kiss for good luck at midnight" out there.

When I was nineteen, I got invited to a house party. I was fairly new in town, and the first group of friends I made was a rather quirky bunch. I grew up in a small town, and this was my first exposure to people that had a very "out" alternative lifestyle. Pretty much everybody--guys and girls alike--had slept with everybody else in the group at some point, although none of them were necessarily "couples," several of them had brought dates, and they didn't really do the swinger/orgy thing. Most of them had substance addictions of one kind or another - ranging from prescription meds to alcohol to coke, which accentuated their quirks even more. I was sexually experienced, but up to that point, I had barely scratched the surface when it came to women. As in, I'd never been with "just" a woman...there had always been a guy involved. I had no idea how to approach women, no functioning "gaydar" (or bi-dar, as it were), and not a whole lot of confidence.

The host of the party had set me up on a blind date with a fireman he knew, but the guy ended up working a double, so I was there by myself. The apartment was in a historical building, complete with an old-fashioned fire escape, which everyone treated like a "balcony with a really tiny door". I started drinking beer when I got there, and quickly progressed to some weird banana flavored shots. One of the girls there, Jessica, was so unique that I couldn't stop looking at her, and the drunker I got, the more intrigued I was.

About 11:55, we all crowded outside to watch the downtown fireworks show. We were counting down to midnight, and everybody sort of paired off--as much as they could in such a small space--but we were still pretty tightly packed. Jessica and I were the only two people that hadn't come with someone, and we ended up next to each other. At midnight, the entire sky lit up with fireworks, and she grabbed me gently by the hair and bit my lower lip, which evolved into the hottest kiss of my life. It actually got applause from the guys standing outside the building across the alley.

How about you all?