I'm quite pleased with myself today.

I have this long list of CFPs (calls for papers) in my email - actually, each CFP is one email, and I can't always tell what it is for or when the submission date is by the subject heading.

Today, I FINALLY bit the bullet.

I opened an Excel spreadsheet, and made columns for submission date, name of the journal/conference/edited collection, the details on the CFP, submission guidelines, and contacts. I sorted it by date, and wouldn't you know two are due this week!

I entered 24 CFPs, and I add a few each week as they're emailed to me, so I'm pretty psyched to have this organized, especially as I have more time to research in the summer than I do during the school year.

I then spazzed out and color-coded the spreadsheet, highlighting submissions for journals one color, edited book collections another, ejournals another, and conferences another. Now it's pretty, too!

It didn't take me too long to do it, and I know it will help me increase my productivity- always a good thing.

Celebrating this minor accomplishment with Ben&Jerry's Half-Twisted.