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Thread: Stringer Literary Agency, LLC (Marlene Stringer)

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    I just wanted to drop a note to say I found her a very nice person.

    I'd sent her a full MS a couple of days back. She emailed me back saying it was a bit too literary for her taste. I, in my very inept way, thanked her by saying while I would've preferred it if she liked it enough to represent it, I'm tickled she thinks it's on the literary side. I always thought of myself as purely pulp.

    Of course, it was meant as gratitude for saying that, but I guess it could be taken as snark. As soon as I hit "send," I started worrying about it.

    Marlene sent a nice note back telling me not to think she didn't like it. Just that (paraphrasing) the editors she works with might not be interested in that sort of story. She actually gave me the names of a couple of agents to approach.

    It was incredibly nice of her. And when I have another attack of insecurity about my writing, I'm going to remind myself of the email. Someone liked my writing.

    If anyone is thinking of querying her, go for it. Efficient, ethical, and nice. Just what I'd want in an agent.
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