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Thread: Life's a Pain: Her Royal Highness

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    Life's a Pain: Her Royal Highness

    Hi! I'm somewhat new to this website and the romance section seeing as how I'm only in high school... graduating in June though! :faint: Anyways, seeing as such I don't have very much experience in the romance field but I'm very much into that kind of stuff... so I have this story I titled "Life's a Pain: Her Royal Highness" weird name yeah I know It's about a princess named Erina who lives in the year 2020's or so but her parents are those traditional King and Queen who thinks she needs to marry a Prince! She then meets Char, whom is very different from her.

    She's a paranoid teenager who's very shy and always worries. He's an upbeat, cheerful and outgoing guy. I have a picture that I had to keep re-sizing for you to see of them, yes I drew it. This story may very well turn out to be a manga, a Japanese comic book since I love to draw AND write. However, the people who make manga (manga-ka's) have to live in Japan or something, not sure on the details but I've never heard of an American manga-ka...yet Uh hope I remembered everything, I'll post the story somewhere in the future since it's unfinished and not typed on the computer yet. Now, please leave a comment for me or I shall you and bug you about it!

    Oh yeah, almost forgot :Smack: ... story idea and picture is Copyright 2003 - 2005 to me
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