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Thread: AW's Day of Listening - Interviews Thread

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    My interview with Puma

    This is my interview with Puma, a fascinating well-read character, and a newly published author of Historical Fiction.

    I see from your profile that you have a degree in American History, but I seem to remember from some of your posts that you are also qualified in some branch of archaeology, palaeontology, or anthropology. Is that correct?

    Yes and no. I do have a degree in American History, but I would have to consider myself among the ranks of amateurs in the other fields. I've done a lot of studying, but it's been on my own without the accompanying credentials. I can rub elbows and do speak the lingo in those and actually several other scientific areas.

    Would you like to list them?

    a narrow piece of ciliate protozoology, aquatic invertebrates, tectonic geology - I'm actually pretty well versed in most areas of the natural sciences, native species, etc.

    Is 16-3-3 your first published book? If not, what else have you published?

    16-3-3 is my first published book. I've had a few articles published previously.

    Do you have an agent?

    No. Working on that for future works.

    When did you start writing?

    For fun, as a teen (The Devil Stallion and other equally now amusing stories). I've done a lot of technical writing over the years, but actually started seriously in creative writing less than five years ago.

    Do you enjoy writing?

    Yes. But it's also a challenge.

    Who had the most influence on your writing?

    My father who was an English professor (and published poet and author). When I was in college, I sent letters home weekly and always got a weekly letter from home. One week my letter from home was my letter to them back - all marked up in red - every flipping typo and missed comma!

    What are you working on now? I have an idea it might be Science Fiction.

    I have one novel in query stage, but part of my problem is what the heck it is - it's contemporary, ends as a thriller, but the underlying premise is The Seven Deadly Sins (and I had no knowledge of the Brad Pitt movie when I was working on this). I'm also in the process of reworking a scientifically accurate, slightly ahead of contemporary, novel which also ends as a thriller. And, because Festus issued another Western challenge, I'm going to be working on a humorous western piece to post about January 1.

    So you like to have several projects on the go at any one time! Don't you find that confusing?

    Actually I don't. I usually devote all my energies to one project at a time, but there are overlaps - obviously if I'm querying one and working on another. I try to work the AW challenges in to natural breaking points. After the first of the year I plan to devote all my time to the "sci-fi" manuscript.

    What do you do in your spare time (family?, job?, hobbies? etc.)?

    I'm still working full time but plan to retire at the end of the year (thank heaven's!). That decision was partly driven by needing to spend more time with my husband who has some health issues. We also have a daughter who keeps me on my toes. Hobbies - yes, you name it and there's a good chance I've tried it.

    List your favourite authors/books (as many as you like)

    All time favorite (which greatly influenced my life) Captain from Castille by Samuel Shellabarger (Conquest of Mexico). I read it when I was ten and from then on I wanted to go into archaeology. I also like many of the classics, actually like Doestoyevsky (although I probably mispelled his name), enjoyed reading all the Rafael Sabatini I could find. Of the more contemporary authors, I really enjoyed the early Crichton's - his later works just weren't on the same par with the early ones. Another more contempory was Arthur (?) Haley who wrote Airport, etc.

    Have you always lived in Ohio? Have you travelled?

    Always an Ohioan except when I was in school. I've travelled extensively in the continental US and Canada.

    Is there something you would like the world to know about you?

    My Dad pretty well pegged me when he autographed a copy of one of his poetry books for me - "a perennial wanderer on the uplands of romantic idealism"

    Thanks, Puma and good luck with your projects-in-pipeline
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