Please tell me about yourself.

--I was born on a balmy afternoon in the adult diaper aisle in Wal-Mart, which when you think about it, explains a lot about me. Unfortunately for me that backstabbing, idea stealing Billie Letts stole my life’s story and turned it into a best selling novel and a movie before I had a chance to. Well, okay so I never had any intentions of writing an autobiography. I mean really, who wants to read about a baby born in Wal-Mart? Apparently Oprah, which means EVERYBODY!! I’m still kicking myself in the butt for that one.

I always knew I was gifted and meant for great things. When I was in Kindergarten, I wrote a play entitled “Major Mouthwash and the Great Cavity Caper” and then starred in every role. West Side Story has nothing on me. When you’re a molar, you’re a molar all the way. From birth until dentures. You resist plaque and tooth decay.

I had to go into hiding for many years, due to the paparazzi and my huge fan base, but I couldn’t hide my talent. So, I spent those years as the mime, Mildred the Magnificent, doing street performances and birthdays. But alas when I became world renowned for my trapped-in-an-invisible-box impression, I had to wipe off the black and white face paint and rejoin the dregs of society to escape the mime cult following. I so did not want to drink the purple kool-aid.

Now I spend my spare time (when I’m not thwarting the elaborate ruse to steal my great American novel) as the Geriatric Avenger, beating old people silly with newspapers. But don’t let it get around to Billie Letts she might just steal my next story, “Where the Plot Is”. --

Well unless of course you meant a real bio LOL. The made up ones are so much more interesting though.

At the moment I live in Novato, California with my husband and three year old son. I work from home as an artist, freelance writer, web designer, as well as a steady gig being a recipe columnist for an online magazine. Art wise I design custom tattoos, graphics, avatars, paintings, illustrations, as well as a lot of graphic design. In my spare time I experiment with food, try to write on my own novels, as well as write and illustrate my own children's books. If I'm not writing, I'm drawing, and if I'm doing neither of those I can be found horsing around with my three-year-old.

What are your drives for combining art work and writing?

My drive is necessity. I'm not happy nor complete without some sort of creative output in my life. Both writing and art feed different parts of my soul and I'm incapable of doing just one or the other. When I write I see the worlds in my head, and my fingers as they dance along the keys itch to grab a pencil and start sketching. It's a compulsion I guess.

Do you have any work published ? If so Please list.

While working as an adult literacy tutor at the San Francisco library I had the opportunity to illustrate a financial workbook of a company that worked closely with the program I was affiliated with.

I've sold numerous freelance articles to various places.. mostly online.

I've designed and sold custom tattoos for clients

I've designed and sold custom artwork and paintings

I am actively designing the website as well as all the custom graphics for the site.

I have sold numerous business card and letterhead designs

I've won a few contests with humorous shorts.

I was also approached by an editor of a small publishing house to write six children's short stories with complete illustrations that will be available for purchase when I finish the project.

I've been a paid blogger.

What some of the challenges you have encountered trying to balance art and writing?

It takes me twice as long to get anything done. LOL Since I do both and with my ADD it's hard for me to sit and work on a project from start to finish. So I find that I really need to schedule my time with each aspect of what I do so I have enough time in the day to get it all in. Between being virtually a single parent (long story), and my paid work, I try to balance that with my pet projects. So it always feels like I have a ton to do.. but I like being busy so it works out.

What kind of music do you listen to when you work if any? Do you ever use music to inspire or fuel work?

Music is like breathing for me. I have something playing at all times. I listen to all kinds of music but when I'm working I like music I can sing and dance to. So I listen to a lot of punk and alternative. I detest scream metal.. love the 80's.. and Tchaikovsky is my FAVORITE composer.. then Mozart, then Beethoven.

First writing or art memory?

When I grew up I was never going to be a writer or an artist... It was something I just did like eating and breathing. I was going to be a Marine Biologist or something science related. So I don't have a specific memory because it seems like I was always concocting stories and writing them down as well as drawing pictures and decorating my room with them.

I didn't have a storybook childhood unless we're talking the original Brother's Grimm before they were Disneyfied. So art and writing was my escape as a small child to a better place and then an outlet for my angst as a teenager. I know I wouldn't be alive today without it. Funny, seems like you should be able to remember your first when it's such an integral part of your life -- but I always did and always could.

Tell me phobias or fears that relate to what your work? Inspirations too?

My one flaw is I really don't have a modest bone in my body when it comes to my creations. If I didn't love them and think they were awesome then why would I show them to anyone. Coupled with that is I take criticism extremely well because nothing is perfect and everything can benefit from another set of eyes and a second opinion. My biggest fear about my work is losing my hands so I can't create anymore. I'm 32 years old and have had arthritis in my hands since I was 15. I battle the pain everyday to do what I want to do.. and it terrifies me that my hands will become claws and I wont' have the dexterity for the things I love.

My inspirations are the world around me and as clichéd as it is my son. I'm a better person for having him in my life and your insides reflect out.. my work that much better because of having him. I look at a person, a place, the shape of a pile of laundry and I see inspiration for an art piece.. I look at the curve of my son's cheek as he sleeps and see the possibilities.. the way a word sounds or looks and I can create an entire world.

I don't believe you have to have a horrible life to tap into your creative side.. but I think you see deeper and feel more and it reflects stronger in your work when you come from nothing and make something of yourself. There will be those who disagree.. those who's lives where the stuff that my dreams were made of.. and I don't begrudge them their opinions or their talents...

What is your ultimate writing goal or dream?

I'm rather pathetic.. I gave up dreams for myself long ago.. how sad right? All I want is to be able to support my son doing something I love.. and if I had to give it all up tomorrow to make sure he had a roof over his head and mac-n-cheese for his belly. I'd put it all down and turn my back on it. Well.. LOL except for my personal pet projects that'd I'd squeeze in at the end of the day.. because really it'd be like trying to stop breathing to stop creating anything.

Do you wear boxers or briefs?

Neither.. I sport granny panties all the way, baby!!!!!!