I’ve read a lot of meerkat’s poem’s and his profile but I like him anyway. Seriously, I’m happy to contribute a slice of meerkat, even if it is a day late; I assure you it is not a dollar short!

1. What is your most vivid childhood memory, and how old were you when the event occurred?

My elementary school class in New Jersey took a brave, ill-advised field trip to Shea Stadium to watch a Mets game. I say ill-advised because some foolish twerp always wanders off to the bathroom in order to gawk at the vendors' nonsense, then cannot find my way back to wherever the seats were. After wandering around a little, I just selected a portal to pop out of (some would call this a lifelong modus operandi), and looked up at the thousands in the crowd. At that exact moment, my classmate Nickie B. stood on his seat to cheer, raising his head above the dozens of rows of gray adult blobs in front of him. This level of rescue-by-synchronicity has always been a reliable feature in my life.

2. Were you ever "obsessed" with a book or movie, such that you read or watched it repeatedly?
Many movies actually fall into this category, but I would say that the one I most frequently choose to watch when I have the house to myself is Saving Private Ryan. I was lucky enough to see it the first time in a near empty theater equipped with surround sound. The empty shell casings sounded as if they were falling on the floor behind each audience member's head. In my opinion, this movie best captures every aspect and emotion of army life, and best lets every generation know what horrors and sacrificial decisions are at stake.

3. Please give the name of three authors, poets, artists or musicians (any combination) whose work you admire or influenced you.
I have always thought that Alice Cooper and Donald Fagan were the two most under-appreciated musicians of our time. Okay, of my time (my kids call me Seventies Man, and I wear that badge proudly)... I learned how to play the guitar, playing along with the eight-track tapes of both artists (in lieu of studying, in both high school and college). The writer who has influenced me most is Ray Kurzweil. His brilliant work The Singularity is Near is the most astounding and instructive manual we could possibly have in our hands at this remarkable time in history.

4. Share a brief story about a really exciting time or moment in your life.
My midlife crisis was a humdinger. In a matter of weeks, I grasped "divorced, unemployed, homeless debtor" from the jaws of "rising community leader." That was a dozen years ago, and I am still crawling back. I can take no man seriously until this phase of his life is behind him.

5. Please contribute one poem that you've written.
Every poem I've written has been done here. The one of which I am most proud would be this:


such fragile marvels we
whose moods so freely swing
such drunken marbles we
whose paths once tempted err

what paper tigers roar
shored by unwitting allies
what shapes so quickly crush
or hold, with one choice word

Peace be with all of you, my fellow AW members!