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Thread: AW's Day of Listening - Interviews Thread

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    thethinker42 interviews ESKIMO1990 and KUWISDELU

    In your profile, you say you're doing Civil Air Patrol. What does that entail, why does it interest you, and...anything else?

    Civil Air Patrol is an auxiliary of the Air Force. We do drill and learn leadership and aerospace. I'm not really sure at this moment as to why it interests me. I have kind of lost the motivation I had when I first joined back in October of last year. But I do get to go flying, which is always fun and definitely a thrill to a experience
    If money, time, and hassle were not part of the equation, what's one place in the world you would want to visit and why?
    I would LOVE to visit Italy. My dad's side of the family is Italian and Italian is a huge part of my life so I would love to see where my great grandparents came from.
    Any particular place/city/region? Where did your great grandparents come from? No not really. I am unsure of where they came from at this moment. But I think to tour Italy would be amazing.
    Same as #2, but where would you want to LIVE?
    Hmmm...that's a tough one. Probably somewhere that was warm but not SO warm that they didn't have snow on the ground near Christmas. Probably anywhere that was not Michigan would work for me...I hate the winters here.
    In terms of your writing, what would you say is your biggest strength? Biggest weakness?
    Hmmm biggest weakness is definitely the fact I have yet to finish anything worth editing Hmmm biggest strength...according to my friends I just have this way of drawing you in and making you addicted to what I'm writing.
    What's one thing that you just don't understand about people?
    Drama. I will never understand why people create so much and why it seems some people strive on drama and hurting other people.
    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    Ten years from now I see myself being 27, nearly 28. Married and having at least one kid. Possibly still in college as I plan to complete one major and then start the next one. Hopefully working at a High School being an English Teacher.
    What two majors do you plan on studying? Are you going to do them simultaneously or one after the other? What made you want to become an English teacher?I plan on doing Literature with a secondary certificate in Teaching. And Creative Writing. I'm doing them one after another. I love writing (obviously) but I knew I needed something to fall back on in case this didn't work. English was the best option for me and I love reading, writing and all things to do with English (well expect maybe grammar haha)
    If you were stuck on a deserted island, and could take ONE luxury item with you, what would it be?
    Hmm tough one. My laptop(but only if I had internet and a solar battery lol)
    Love or money?
    Love. Love. Love. All the way. I'd rather be poor and be loved and know what love is then to be rich and never knowing what love is.
    Do you write mostly short stories or novels? Have you finished any? Published? Let us know how your WIP's are coming along. NOW!
    Novels generally though I have written a few short stories. I have finished no novels and a few short stories (but again nothing worth editing) I am currently working on a story however I am stuck...
    What is one thing you are exceptionally proud
    Wow. I don't even know. I cannot think of one thing in my life currently that I am exceptionally proud of. It seems I have made too many mistakes. Although I am proud of myself fro bringing my grades up last year, but I am nowhere near exceptionally proud of that.
    Have you considered going military after high school?
    I have considered it briefly. But I'm still unsure if I could actually make it in the military. If I end up going I will definitely be going into the Air Force.

    And second - KUWISDELU:
    Originally Posted by thethinker42
    I will probably ask more questions after this first

    In your profile, you say you're living a life "strangely similar to F. Scott Fitzgerald's"...'splain pleeze.

    You're starting off pretty personal...although you probably didn't know that. After the sex thread, though, what does it matter?

    Well, I have a Zelda, of course. My girlfriend slash fiancee, Sasha (nickname). We met in high school, and she fell in love with me from my writing. She lived with her mother, who was physically and emotionally abusive and hated me, so we never really got to see one another very much. As a result, we wrote a ton of letters back and forth, like Scott and Zelda. We snuck out together and saw each other behind her mother's back. Before an ice-skating accident, she used to be a dancer like Zelda. As a result of the abuse, among other things, Sasha eventually wound up in a mental hospital for some time after a suicide attempt. Similarly, Zelda spent the last years of her life in a sanitarium, ultimately dying in a fire in her room, which is one of Sasha's greatest fears. Fortunately, that's not our case, and she's out now and we live together .

    She is my muse, and the vast majority of my writing is somehow based on us, much like the autobiographical qualities of Scott's writing. In fact, in my first novel, I wrote several scenes that take place in a mental hospital. When she got out, I discovered my scenes mirrored her experience eerily closely. My heroines are based on her, and I largely credit her for making me "good." The first short story that really reflects the style with which I now write can be credited to when I was first falling in love with her. She frequently complains, though, that I too often portray her as a whore

    Like Scott, when I eventually publish, it will be a result of her consistent nagging to send stuff out. Like Scott, I steal things from her. A little known fact about Fitzgerald is that many of his short stories are thought to be plagiarized from Zelda's writings. Of course, I don't do that...but we both write, and sometimes I have used a journal entry of hers or a fragment she's written as an inspiration for jumping off. And she always comments on my stealing her life to turn her into characters.

    And also like Scott, I am slowly developing an alcohol problem (Don't worry, I'm mostly joking!)

    If money, time, and hassle were not part of the equation, what's one place in the world you would want to visit and why?

    I would become a pirate.

    Actually, I'm not sure. I love Zuni, where my tribe is from, and where I spent most of my childhood summers, but I wouldn't visit somewhere I've already been, right?


    I remember now.

    Mt. Everest.

    It's always been my dream to climb it.

    Same as #2, but where would you want to LIVE? That's a tough one. I really don't think I could live one place for the rest of my life.

    I'll say the back of a car.

    Ultimate Writing Dream: "write like sex". Expand on this, por favor.
    It's my favorite compliment to get when someone reads my work. That I "write like sex." My writing dream is for everyone to describe my writing like that.

    You know the feeling, the orgasmic high, the post-orgasmic after-glow like you could melt? I want the feeling of reading my prose to be like that. To make people say, "I want to have sex with these words!"

    Did you know that my birthday is 2 days before yours? (ok...2 days and 9 years...) No?

    In terms of your writing, what would you say is your biggest strength? Biggest weakness?
    Biggest strength? Oh, I don't know. I'd say voice or style. I think I have a pretty good grasp on the rhythm of my words and how to craft crazy images.

    My biggest weakness is definitely dialogue. Every once in a while, I'll nail it. But most of the time, I need my Zelda to look it over and help me polish it, because fortunately for me, she is a master at dialogue.

    What's one thing that you just don't understand about people?
    Seriously? Everything! I have Asperger's, so social conventions, subtle gestures and other nonverbal communication, all these things confuse the hell out of me! I also have trouble empathizing with people--I'm compassionate, but I have trouble with empathy; mostly because I often can't see past some people's inability to think beyond their emotions and respond to a situation logically.

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    As a famous writing living in a penthouse in Chicago or Portland or some nice city in Europe.

    Or more likely, in some office doing statistical work while staying up late at night to drink, smoke, and write. Then fuck until morning.

    Since you were quite involved with the John/Hooker thread, what's one thing you took away from it? i.e., something you learned, something that piqued your interest, etc?
    I learned if I could be as quick-witted and articulate in-person as I am on the internet, the girls would be all over me. Good thing I'm a writer and not a public speaker.

    I also enjoyed your insight into the swinging scene. As someone who met his soulmate early on, Sasha and I have a mutual interest in sex beyond two people. Thought since our university is such a sausage-fest, it would be rather unfair to indulge in that at this time...

    Boxers or briefs?

    And as for my username...

    Kuwisdelu is one of my middle names, after my great-grandfather. Kuwisdelu Walela was his full name. It's a Zuni name. Also interesting is my great-great-grandfather's, who was apparently important enough that he shows up on the tribal census simply as "Old Man Zuni."

    Originally Posted by thethinker42
    With some added ideas from scarletpeaches...

    If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?
    Sex, drugs, and killing spree.

    Cats or dogs?
    I love both. I have a cat, but we plan on getting a dog when we move somewhere that allows them.

    Beer, wine, or liquor?
    Wine and liquor.

    I'm not the biggest fan of beer. Once in a while I'll enjoy a Guinness or something, but I don't really like most beer.

    I'm still learning to be a wine snob. I haven't tasted nearly widely enough to call myself one yet. I'm a fan of Vouvray and Chianti, though.

    When it comes to hard liquor, I'm a scotch and gin man. Only the good (or, on a college student's budget, decent) stuff, though. I won't waste my money on cheap liquor.

    What are you most afraid of?

    Who is cooler: thethinker42 or scarletpeaches?
    I plead the fifth!

    What's the most important life lesson you've ever learned?
    That's a tough one. I'm not sure.

    I'm tempted to say something about trusting people and judging them, but I don't think I will.

    Instead I'll go with this. Life is too short not to take time to enjoy it, but also to short to waste.

    Do you procrastinate?
    Oh yes. Compares to most students, I procrastinate big time. But not nearly as much as my friends--I hang out with some of the most overachieving slackers you've ever seen...

    Theatre or watch at home, and why?

    Depends on the movie.

    Some movies, like Dark Knight, X-Files, Watchmen, anything with Johnny Depp, etc., I'll either want very badly to see on the big screen, or just won't be able to wait until it comes to DVD.

    Some I'll wait for the DVD. And of course, the previously mentioned, I'll buy the DVD and watch it again.

    Blame scarletpeaches for this one: Would you rather fuck the Bride of Wildenstein, or eat shit?


    Fuck the Bride of Wildenstein. But I get a paper bag. For multiple reasons.

    Or I'll steal scarletpeaches' blindfold.

    What kind of car do you drive? What kind of car do you WISH you drove?
    I don't have a car. When I do drive, it's either my friend's Civic or my father's Accord.

    If I could drive anything, I'd have this, this or this.

    Would you rather live somewhere prone to hurricanes or earthquakes?
    Earthquakes. Books and laptops can take a beating. Water damage screws them over.

    Name one - and only one - crazy thing you did in high school.
    Lost my virginity in the school auditorium on the catwalks over the stage.

    What is the weirdest thing you've ever experienced?
    Probably enough weird things that this actually feels kind of mundane...nonetheless, it's still kind of a mindfuck to me...but my girlfriend expressing sexual interest in my ex-girlfriend probably tops the list.

    From scarlet again: If you had a choice of superpowers, would you rather have flight or invisibility? Flight. I've always wanted to fly.

    Who would win a fight: Batman or Superman? Please provide reasons.


    Because he's the motherfucking batman.

    He's so awesome he could poop kryptonite and bring superman to his knees.

    Kids - maybe, never, eventually, definitely, not a chance? Maybe. Not now, definitely.

    It's hard to say what we'll be doing in a few years. We're still conflicted between having our own child and adoption at this point, too.

    If all drugs were legal, but you could only do ONE, what would it be and why?
    Assuming cigarettes and alcohol don't count and all legal drugs don't count either...

    Either 2,5-dimethoxy-4-chloroamphetamine or lysergic acid diethylamide.

    That is, DOC or LSD. Both a hallucinogens. I've only ever had experience with the former.

    Why? Because marijuana just isn't quite worth it. Because cocaine doesn't do anything for me. Because heroin and meth are too dangerous.

    I'd go with some kind of hallucinogen because of the imagery and, IMO, the most worthwhile.

    Since you're a student: what class have you taken that most influenced/inspired/etc you? What class was the biggest waste of time, money, or brain cells?
    Influential and inspirational?
    Nothing from college yet. I'd say either my creative writing class from high school, or one of my English classes. My writing and junior English class were taught by a great guy. He was very easy-going and most of the students never quite appreciated him, because his classes tended to be easy A's. Despite that, though, he's an incredibly smart and well-read guy who always encouraged me.

    My teacher from my freshman English class, whose homeroom I later joined, and who was also sponsor of the school paper was also great. She always encouraged me and was there in times of stress and turmoil. Her hair's graying now, but she'd been a hippie in her youth, and still had a massive crush on Johnny Depp.

    Simpsons or South Park?
    South Park. Simpsons is good, but it's getting pretty stale. South Park is still fresh and hilarious as ever. Plus the Jew is named after me! I think two of the recent episodes "About Last Night..." about Obama the jewel thief, and "The Ungroundable," about this vampire craze are two of my most favorite episodes ever.

    If thethinker42 and scarletpeaches had a fight, who would win and why? (you've already used the 5th amendment, so you have to answer this one)
    Damn. I'll say that I'll suppose thethinker42 has picked up some moves from her cop and navy man which would allow her to come out on top. Unless Colin Farrel was anywhere in sight, in which case it'd be no contest and scarletpeaches would take her down.
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