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Thread: AW's Day of Listening - Interviews Thread

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    I'm not Kirk, Spock, Luke, Flash or Arthur frelling Dent. I'm Dorothy Gale from Kansas.

    horror hound trilogy--an interview with slcboston

    Please tell me about yourself.

    Let's see.... I've been writing for as long as I can remember, really. Little stories, then shorts, then some (very bad) poems which thankfully was a phase I passed through quickly and unscarred. I won a number of awards throughout school for my writing, including a national award or two - but only honorable mentions. I published my first poem in... 98? I think? to a small mag - but hey, it got a good review. That was it for ten years on the fiction side when I published another short about a year or so ago.

    In the meantime, I've written a number of nonfiction articles and columns. I worked as a columnist -freelance not staff - for the Shanghai daily when I lived abroad, and I've published articles in magazines and books. Most of that has been overseas, but I have three essays due out in a local book being published here. I taught while overseas, too, and I've lived in China and briefly in Europe. (Sweden rocked - honestly I think I'd rather live there than here.)

    Aside from that, I've done work freelance editing and worked - albeit briefly- for an educational publisher. I've got more degrees than I know what to do with, including a stint in law school and grad school, neither one of which worked out but left me with more debt than I can shake a stick at, and other than that... I can't think of anything.

    What are your drives for writing horror?

    I don't know, really. This stuff just kind of fascinates me. I could get all Freudian and say I'm exploring my inner id or some such, but honestly, it's just fun. I will say a lot of my stuff tends not to be straight up horror, but more of a blend, and I prefer the suspenseful and atmospheric to shock value.

    Do you have any horror work published ? If so Please list.

    Only two pieces of fiction I've published so far were both horror. The first was a poem that borrowed heavily from TS Eliot - if he'd been having really bad nightmares. The second was a short story set in the afterlife, complete with demons.

    What makes you lean towards horror?

    I suck at romance novels.

    What kind of music do you listen to when you write if any? Do you ever use music to inspire or fuel scenes?

    I have it on almost constantly. It depends on what my mood is mostly, but I've seen certain scenes in what I write set to music. (I have a series of short stories - led off by the one I published - where the background music plays an important part in setting the scene.) My tastes are very eclectic, so i have scenes that I saw set to Nine Inch Nails and others that I saw set to Muddy Waters or Thelonious Monk, or even some of the more esoteric stuff like Mike Oldfield.

    First writing memory?

    Folding a piece of paper in four squares to draw little four page stories. I did the illustrations, too, though it was clear early on that was not were the bulk of my talent lay.

    Tell me phobias or fears that relate to what you write? Inspirations too?

    Hands. Or feet. I have not read, nor seen, nor will ever, Stephen King's "Misery." And yes, it's because of *that* scene. Makes me shiver. Blood drooling vampires, headless ghouls, I take those in stride. Put a pencil through the protagonist's hand? Ick. Also, I have a real-life phobia of wasps and their kin. Not the fuzzy bees, which are vegetarian, but their nasty and ill-bred carnivorous relatives. Inspiration is trickier. I think every writer, on some level, has that "what if" part of their brain switched on "high." Where you look at something and go, "what if?" Some people see sunsets and happy ending. I see sharp objects and bloodletting. Yes, I'm aware there's something wrong with me.

    What scares you?

    Failing my daughter. Really, that's it. Everything else I can handle.

    What is your ultimate writing goal or dream?

    I'm not aiming for Stephen King levels of fame or fortune, but I'd settle for seeing my name in hardbound at a book store as the featured buy. You know, the one where you walk into the store and it;s the first thing you see with a table to itself? Shallow, perhaps, but I've already been positively critted - for the poem I wrote - and I've won awards. So that kind of leaves the money aspect. I guess I'll know I've made it when something I've done becomes the Sci-fi Channel movie event of the week. One of the good weeks, not like that snake movie with the Hoff.
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