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Thread: AW's Day of Listening - Interviews Thread

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    My Interview with Donkey

    1) In the on/upon thread, you said "(you are) ready and willing to learn any new way of looking at the art of writing" and that you would like to find a "knowledge base" to work from.

    In your bio you mention that you are a scultor by occupation and that you are also a singer. Do you find yourself inter-relating these different disciplines and do these very different mediums influence the other? Do you see your own experiences in these other art forms providing you with a "knowledge base" to drawn upon?

    Good question.
    I find that everything in my past influences my art, no matter which medium I’m working with. One of the benefits of maturity is having so much history to call upon when I’m seeking inspiration. I find this is especially true with writing.
    Singing is actually a byproduct of my habit of constantly listening to music. Music helps me enjoy life, influences the creative aspect of my work, and keeps me awake when I’m reading.

    2) Assuming that you are very busy with your varied interests, how serious do you want to pursue your writing?

    I find that the more I get into writing, the more serious I become about it. My confidence level is very high. I believe I will write books that people enjoy reading. I’ve been learning about life, love, honor, faith, and finding your path from excellent authors my whole life, mainly because I enjoyed reading their books. I intend to be that author for someone else.

    3) In response to a newbie introduction, you wrote "when you put pen to paper, you take your strife in your hands". You said you authored this statement. Do you find that your writing works as a type of catharsis for you, as way of dealing with stress in your own life?

    I’m a creative person. Much of what I do (creatively) is cathartic. I’ve found this especially true of writing. It’s not physically demanding. I work with stone. Every aspect of working with stone is hard on my body. That’s a source of stress that I can’t control beyond making leverage my friend and working with the best tools. Writing is relaxing, very much like listening to mellow music. Unlike stone, I can leave a problem area just like it is and come back to it when I feel like dealing with it. I find that very freeing.

    4) As a sculptor, do you ever see a poem in something you are sculpting or, vice versa, something to sculpt in your poetry?

    I can’t say that I have ever done that. I try not to get too impressed with myself. Hopefully, somewhere along the line, my work has inspired someone else’s poetic leanings. I might be okay with getting a big head over that.

    5) What is your preferred genre?
    A good thriller with a Sci-Fi edge will always catch my eye first when I go digging for something to read.

    6) In the Dark Fantasy Query thread, you mentioned "a nice glass of cabernet sauvignon". Often, writers have certain habits that help them "get into" their craft. Do you have any habits or do any "mood setting" to get yourself into your writing?

    That was just me being a goof. To answer your question, though, I’d have to say that I haven’t yet developed any habits or mood setting techniques to get me ‘into’ writing. I hope I never do. I think it would portend the beginning of the end.

    7) In the Remembrance Thread, you paid respects to Michael Crichton. You mentioned that you had been "reading or watching his work for more than thirty years. If you were in your 20's when you became familiar with his writing, do you believe his work would be appealing to 20 year olds of today?

    Jules Vernes’ “Journey to the Center of the Earth” was published in 1864. It’s most recent cinematic remake came out in July, 2008 and was very successful. Some authors possess the rare talent required to create stories that have a timeless nature. I believe Michael Crichton to be one of very few authors about which this can be said.

    8) Is your WIP, The Risen, your first attempt at writing a novel?

    No, and yes. I took up writing when I was twenty, wrote a number of short stories, penned lots of poems, and started a novel. I spent two years in prison, so I had the time. Part of my generally misspent youth.
    My current two WIP’s are a much more serious effort to write, finish and publish a novel. A third effort has possibilities. I’m actually most excited about the middle piece, in terms of having found my voice. It’s moving very well, and I have betas asking for more.

    9) As a sculptor, and family person, when do you find your most opportune time to write?
    During meals. My wife and I are big readers, and have always enjoyed our reading time at meals. Now she reads and I write. I also write at night. Like now.

    10) Does your novel pull you away from your bread-n-butter work? Absolutely. I have a much harder time keeping my nose to the grindstone, knowing I have characters waiting for me.

    11) Do you have a set schedule where you alot a specific amount of time for each craft? Asked and answered.

    12) Your join date at AW is only 8-12-08 and now it's 12-08-08, and you over 500 posts. Quite a few of those posts are in various games and prompt threads. I and others have expressed how addicting AW can be and how easy it is to pass the time "just playing". Do you feel you are on AW purposfully most of the time or do you find yourself just killing time?
    I usually go on and check the games first, then get to more important business. I enjoy reading SYW posts and offering critique, but I don’t consider that playing as much as learning. Every time I point out something another writer did right or wrong, I learn from it.

    13) So far, how do you feel about your time spent here at AbsoluteWrite and the people you've "met" here?
    Time spent on AW has been enlightening, fun, and extremely valuable as regards efforts to improve my writing skills. It’s an amazing ‘place’ to hang out, learn from and share.
    Nearly everyone I have interacted with on AW has treated me with courtesy and generosity. I try hard to offer the same and contribute something of value to the site.

    14) Besides haiku, prompt/games and your novel WIP, are you interested in trying other writing projects? I’m beta trading with a couple of other writers from AW, but I’m trying not to spread my available time too thin between additional projects.

    15) Would you recommend AW to other writer friends?
    Of course. It’s an incredible resource for any writer. I feel blessed to have all of the advantages of a site like AW at my fingertips. It’s offered me a real step up. Any writer could benefit from this site.

    (Addendum to My Interview With Donkey)

    Would you like me to use your real name? Probably not. It's best not to have your real name out there too much. (on-line)

    Where are you from? Airforce brat, so all over. I attended 25 different schools between grades K-12.

    Where do you live now?Oregon

    I saw that you are in the Write A Lie About the Person Before You Thread alot...........and there are some pretty intriquing rumors that could get started in that thread. Could you please confirm the following:

    1. Did you once sing a duet with Barry Manilow?
    Or anyone else, for that matter? I only duet with my wife. What kind of guy do you think I am? Did I just ask a trick question?

    2. Can you or can you not do Spock eyebrow raises? Do you attempt to do Spock eyebrow raises when in front of your bathroom mirror? Yes to both. One follows the other, unless you are muscularly challenged and without talent.

    3. Are you secretly a Trekki? There's no such thing as a secret Trekie. People can tell. So, no, but yes.

    4. Do you or do you not sometimes pretend to be Dr. Phil?
    How did you feel when you asked that question? Did it make you sad or angry? Can your mother come on the show? Does anyone take your advice? You know what's funny about that? They don't take my advice, and then they expect me to take directions from them. The gall! Besides, nobody really knows how to get to Hell. Do they?

    5. Are you at this time attempting to become pregnant so that you can be the second pregnant man? No, but I am lactating, and that's working out great so far. You know how expensive milk is. Why would you want to? I hear the benefits are awesome!

    6. Were you ever really a pretty pony? HandsomeHandsome! pony. What happened to you? Sunning with baby oil. Quel désastre!

    7. And, is it true that you are 100% ass? Good question. Should I ask your wife? Not unless you want every disgusting detail. Ask at your risk.

    (If you could just help clear up these little misconceptions, it will help to deter any of this information from ending up in the AW rumor mill.)

    Elaine Parny - kdnxdr
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