Please tell me about yourself.

I was published in Darkfire (and writing buddy of mine has the feature story of this month)
My first published piece in print was in the premiere issue of the Willows.
Iv'e even been published internationally (damn that almost sounds prestigious) in Murky Depths
I placed in a novel excerpt contest for the gaming website EnWorld.
I run a shadow Urban Fantasy blog (taking bits and pieces from other, better blogs)
I have a Facebook profile with links to favorite writers (most of which aren't more then a hour's drive south from my house!)
I was in a nowhere band called the Trouble with Charlie. I played bass and rhythm guitar. Then I played drums for my youth group band, Flame and the Sparks. We toured a handful of the Four Square churches in the area. Ya, can you just picture a trash mouthed, Marlboro smoking, beer chugging Pike ministering to the youth? Spooky. I worked community theater, behind the scenes for several plays like A Thousand Clowns and Same Time, Next Year. The ladder gave me a fondness for Nat King Cole.

What are your drives for writing horror?

I was always a fan of the old black and white monster flocks. My favorite was the Wolfman. From there I grew up on an unhealthy dose of the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits. I'd have to say it was movies and television that turned me onto horror. Later, it was all about pinning someone into a corner so vile, so hairy that no rational person could think there why out of and seeing where my thoughts and writing carried me. Now I’ve been delving into Urban Fantasies, enjoying the amalgam of my favorite fantasy elements and tainting them with a seething pile of Horror.

What makes you lean towards horror?

Honestly, I didn't have the best childhood so I find it hard to write about goodness and happy people. It's not envy or bitterness I just don't often connect with that. I can connect with the darker elements of life.

What kind of music do you listen to when you write if any? Do you ever use music to inspire or fuel scenes?

I listen to instrumental pieces, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Dougan - anything that produces a dark, background noise to drown out my internal editor and the thoughts of the day banging round in my head.

First writing memory?

I dabbled with stories for years but never very serious with it. The real writing began about ten years ago when a buddy and I started working on a graphic novel. He's a much better artist then I so I hammered out the story details. It didn't get very far but I enjoyed the story crafting.

Tell me phobias or fears that relate to what you write?
Fear of abandonment, being utterly alone, forced to make horrible sacrifices, heights, among others.

Inspirations too?

There are too many to tell. Underdogs coming out on top, horrible news stories, political intrigue and abuse, breakthroughs in science, wild action movies.

What scares you?

What ultimately scares me is having an extreme responsibility placed on my shoulders and I totally botch it up.

What is your ultimate writing goal or dream?

To find my novel on a shelf at a huge book chain and catch someone checking it out. That would be a rush!