Please tell me about yourself.

Mother of 2 teenagers, one of those craft-y types: I make homemade candy and hand lotion, have been told I’m a good cook, and knit and crochet clothing and jewelry. Oh, yes, I also write. Horror, paranormals, mysteries, and speculative fiction. BA in English Lit from The Catholic University of America, which was pretty useless, since I landed my first job out of college pretty much because the manager never looked above my neck during the interview. Meh, but it paid my student loans.

I was Founder and Chair of the Greater Bflo Christian Writers (2005-2008). I write for, and have written for other websites as well. My fantasy, “Light,” was pubbed in the Help antho that benefitted Preditors and Editors.
And since it’s what gives me cocktail party conversation for the rest of my life, I was also a Franciscan nun. Right out of HS, completely wet behind the ears. They don’t come much more naïve. Wore the (modern) habit—no Flying Nun outfit, sorry. Got out from under the brainwashing 4 years later and jumped the wall.

What are your drives for writing horror?

I love a good scare, even though it takes a lot to make me jump now. Always have liked horror—dad and I used to watch the Friday night horror movies when I was as young as 5. Plus, Catholicism is loaded with horror fodder. I’m reaping the benefits of all that religion getting stuffed down my throat from the cradle (practically).

Do you have any horror work published ? If so Please list.

Alas, not yet. I subbed to the Dybbuk Press Biblical Terror antho. Here’s hoping!

What kind of music do you listen to when you write if any? Do you ever use music to inspire or fuel scenes?

Anything that isn’t in English, otherwise I get distracted. I play medieval music, opera, Irish, and plain instrumental. When I’m writing crucifixion scenes for my spec fic, I do put on the CBS Jesus movie or The Passion of the Christ soundtracks.

First writing memory?

A back-to-school poem at age 9.

Tell me phobias or fears that relate to what you write? Inspirations too?

I skeeve spiders, but have no problem writing about them. I’m afraid of being trapped in either a small space or captured and tied up, unable to move. My poor vampire and his GF both got subjected to that in the latest WIP. I take inspiration from everything I learned about the Crucifixion, and it’s a lot. A boatload. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

What scares you?

Anyone messing with my mind: hypnotism, the creepy stuff in The Ipcress File, things like that.

What is your ultimate writing goal or dream?

To be sitting in a public place and see the total stranger next to me reading my book. And liking it too, of course! OR being scared out of their mind by it. I’m flexible.