Has anyone dealt with a start-up online publisher called Rogue Phoenix Press? They publish e-books and POD paperbacks in several genres, mostly romance, mystery, and historical fiction. An AW member recently posted in Goals and Accomplishments that she had signed a contract with them, had received some editorial changes to attend to, and was very happy with them. (BTW, that is the only AW thread I can find that mentions Rogue Phoenix, and they are not listed at the P&E web site. Too new, I guess.)

I went to the RP web site, http://roguephoenixpress.com/index.html, found they are accepting submissions, and sent a query letter, synopsis, and my novel's first three chapters by e-mail. Their submissions page indicates that they try to reply within two months.

Four days later, I got a response asking for the full manuscript, which I sent, and just one week after that they offered me a two-year contract for first electronic rights. (After my initial query, I did some more research and found that their printing contact, PawprintsPOD, charges a hefty start-up fee, and that Rogue Phoenix's print contract requires you to buy 20 copies. So I amended my submission to say that I was interested only in the e-publishing option.)

My concern is this: Isn't eleven days from query to contract offer a bit brief? I have trouble believing that anyone read my 400-page manuscript in a week! I've had a few agents say some nice things about it, but none has yet considered it too riveting to put down!

So--whussup with this outfit? Any insights or ideas? Should I entrust my baby to them, e-wise, for two years?

Oh, let me add that it looks like RP's main author so far is one of its co-owners, a romance writer named Christine Young. She has a blog: http://christineyoung-romancewriter.blogspot.com/. (For God's sake don't go to christineyoung.com. That's a porn site!)