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Thread: The Beta Project Launches!

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    The Beta Project Launches!

    December 1, as promised, I am posting the participation form for The Beta Reader Project.

    To summarize some previous threads: The Beta Project is an exercise designed to pair AW authors with appropriate beta readers. The experiment kicked off one other time in 2007, only then it was called the Great Beta Reader Challenge. We're changing up the guidelines a bit this year, so a name change is in order.

    Do you want a beta reader? Interested in getting some feedback on your manuscript?

    Submit the first five pages (and some extras) to the Beta Project. You'll be paired anonymously with other participating Project members. They'll critique your work, and in exchange, you'll critique the work of others. By the end of the Project it's encouraged, if you like the critiques you receive, to ask someone to be your beta reader for your entire manuscript. Additionally, if you liked any of the works you critiqued, ask the authors if you can beta read for them.

    Each participating member should complete and send the participation form (see post below) to me (katiemac) between December 25th and January 5th by PM. On January 6th, I will post the entries anonymously on AW. I will also send you a PM with two to three entry numbers to critique, based on your answers to the form questions. Between January 6th and January 20th, you will critique those entries and return them to me by PM.

    **Expect to critique two to three other submissions. I say two to three, not knowing how many people will choose to participate. At most, you'll be asked to critique a total of 15 pages (3,750 words) in two weeks. Keep in mind that if enough people participate to allow three critiques each, you will receive three critiques on your work. You will not be asked to critique more than you will receive back.

    Multiple Entries
    You're more than welcome to enter more than one manuscript into the beta project. However, you must fill out a participation form for each entry. Also, you will be expected to critique three entries for every participation form. Make sure you have enough time during the two week critiquing period.

    Feel free to post questions below. For more info, there is a Q&A here.

    December 1: Official participation form posts.
    December 25-January 5: Participation forms due to katiemac in PM.
    January 6: Entries will post online, and you will receive your critique matches by PM.
    January 20: Critiques due. You should receive your critiques shorly after.

    Yep, we have prizes this year! Everyone who participates in and completes The Beta Project will be entered in a raffle for some neat prizes. I'll reveal those prizes throughout December.

    Do not participate in this project if you do not wish to critique other member's work. This is a reciprocal project. SYW is open for those who are looking for a critique only.

    Athough it's not necessary for you to end up with a beta reader or be a beta reader by the end of the Project, you should probably want one, or have some interest in being one, before participating.

    If you want to be a beta reader but do not have a manuscript to particpate with at this time, send me the form between December 25 and January 5 with answers to questions seven though eleven.

    See the PARTICIPATION FORM in my post below.
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