Bare with me, I'm going to try to figure out my questions as I write this.

I am writing a picture book. So that would mean it would be 28-32 pages, the normal for that type of book.

Word count: I know that this can vary. But is there a minimum I should aim for?

Detail: How much detail do I need about scenery etc? If my book goes along fine with simple details about what the main character is doing, is that okay? From what I have written so far, if an illustrator were to look at it I think they'd be able to create pictures. I would say that's a good thing. Okay, that's what I read somewhere hehe.

Any other advice would help. I am trying to be serious about this story. I've written many in the past, not done much with them and need to start getting things done. I know there are a lot of things I can read on the net, and I do, I just want your real experiences and tips, that you know work for you.

First draft of the story is completed, but not good enough. Keep me going guys ! I am pumped and ready. :jump