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Thread: Artist & Writer, Web sites

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    Artist & Writer, Web sites

    Following thread offers links to artists, writers and some of the icons in the comic book industry. Tried to avoid wikipedia here unless it was a last resort for information. Not meant as a catch all; suggestions for updates are welcome via PM to moderator Jason.

    Will Eisner:
    Jack Kirby: &

    Neil Adams:
    John Byrne:
    Johhny Craig:
    Steve Ditko:
    Lou Fine:
    Frank Frazetta:
    Neil Gaiman:
    Michael Kaluta:
    Gil Kane:
    Joe Kubert:
    Harvey Kurtzman:
    Stan Lee:
    Alan Moore:
    Frank Miller:
    George Perez:
    John Romita Sr:,_Sr.
    Dave Sim: &
    Bill Sienkiewicz:
    Walt Simonson:
    Jim Steranko:
    Alex Toth:
    Matt Wagner:
    Al Williamson:
    Basil Wolverton:
    Wally Wood:
    Bernie Wrightson:

    Arthur Adams:
    Brian Bolland:
    GW Fisher:
    Michael T. Gilbert:
    Michael Golden:
    Mike Grell:
    Paul Gulacy:
    Jim Lee:
    Whilce Portacio:
    Alex Ross:
    Steve Rude:
    P. Craig Russell:
    Mark Silverstri:
    Dave Stevens:
    Tim Truman:
    Barry Windsor-Smith:

    Mike Baron: &
    Chris Claremont:
    Geoff Johns:
    Jeph Loeb:
    John Ostrander:
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