Hi, I'm kinda new here. So, uh hi.

Anyway, let me just start off by saying I know the writing career isn't as easy as publish one or two books and you're a famous celebrity in a mansion. No, I know that's about as far from the truth as possible, and you have to work really hard to get your foot in that door. However, I'm talking about after one gets established, and there's always that chance I'd become really big, but even if I do not become really big and famous, there'd still be a good number of books and stories with my name on them. Also, even small time writers, and friends of writers sometimes get interviews, right?

Now, for the question. I've heard the horror stories of famous people, or warnings for potentially famous people who could or do regret the things they've posted on the internet. I haven't done anything bad, just the typical flames on the internet, since I was younger then. However, nothing with my face or real name. Also, aside from petty squabbling over the internet, I don't want to be under the public microscope, simply because I just don't want to be bothered, and my family wouldn't want it anymore than me.

I want to get into sci-fi/fantasy fiction writing, and possibly journalism (likely gaming, but we'll see where that road leads). I know this must sound kinda paranoid, but I feel I just need to ask this as this fear may keep me away from writing. The guys who didn't like me from high school, and those who would disagree with me online, is there any chance that it'd come back to haunt me? Or is it basically just actors and politicians who have to worry about that stuff? Is Stephen King and Rowling under that constant microscope? Basically, it'd be nice to have my stories get attention, but I just don't want that much attention. Do you have to want to be under that microscope to be there?

Oh, and before you suggest it, I'd prefer not to use a pseudonym. If I become big enough, people could find out anyway. Besides, it just complicates things such as book signings and the like.