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Thread: Writer Beware: The Blog - The Index

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    Advice, Discussion, and Warnings - General

    Scams & Scammers, Generally

    More on Desperation (VS – 12/15/05) (Why writers who know better fall for scams) Link
    Scam Tales, With Haiku (VS – 12/17/05) (How scum replicates) Link
    28 "Where There's Smoke..." (AC – 12/31/05) (Don’t discount rumors of trouble) Link
    29 What to do if you've been scammed... (AC – 1/3/06) Link
    How Warnings Can Backfire (VS – 1/6/06) (Why folks ignore warnings) Link
    A Business Proposition (VS – 1/13/06) (Literary hoaxes, J.T. LeRoy) Link
    Breaking Up (It's Not Hard to Do) (VS – 1/29/06) (How to shed a bad agent) Link
    35 Scamming in Snowbird Land, or how I spent my Florida Vacation (Not Really...) (AC – 2/3/06) Link
    36...I Can't Sell Your Book Because... (AC – 2/9/06) (Scammers’ excuses) Link
    37 – Going Postal in Scammer Land (AC – 2/12/06) (Scammers’ excuses) Link
    46 Maggie's Question (AC – 3/21/06) (Do scams have any impact on “real” publishers?) Link
    Someone Out There Doesn't Like Us (And We Don't Care) (VS – 5/5/06) (Scammer attempts to slime WB) Link
    More People Out There Don't Like Us (VS- 5/12/06) (More attempts to slime WB) Link
    54 – What to Do If You've Been Scammed, Revisited (AC – 6/15/06) (Repost of #29) Link
    55 How To Write to the Authorities About Being Scammed (AC – 6/15/06)[/i] Link
    58 Writers -- Trust Your Instincts! (AC – 7/11/06) (If the alarm bells go off, listen to ‘em) Link
    It's NOT a Jungle Out There (or an Ocean, or Whatever) (VS – 7/25/06) (It’s easy to avoid scams, really!) Link
    62 – Writers Scamming Writers (AC – 10/1/06) (Many scammers are failed writers) Link
    63 – Some of Our Faithful Readers... (AC – 10/10/06) (…are the scammers themselves) Link
    Why You Shouldn't Believe Them (VS – 11/1/06) (The lies scammers tell) Link
    Clubs You Wouldn't Want to Be a Member Of (VS – 11/28/06) (Scams and their spam) Link
    Why Scammers Are Hard to Put Away (VS – 12/15/06) Link
    Stealth Vanity Publishers (VS – 3/27/07) (The terms they use to confuse you) Link
    Protesting Too Much (VS – 6/8/07) (How scammers try to deflect criticism) Link
    Should Writers Worry About Blacklisting? (VS – 7/27/07) (How scammers keep victims quiet) Link
    Reeling in the Kids (VS – 12/17/07) (How vanity pubs target young writers) Link
    Buddy, do I have a deal for you . . . (RW – 2/24/08) (Use of bait ‘n’ switch to hook you) Link
    Reeling in the Kids, Part 2: Operation Teen Author (VS – 5/7/08) Link
    Excuses, Excuses (VS – 3/11/09) (Blaming lack of sales on everything but own incompetence) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Ten Percent of Nothing (Book Review) (VS – 6/11/10) [(Review by author Marian Perera) Link
    Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas (VS – 6/17/10) (Prevention starts at home) Link
    Beware of Book Publishing Spam (VS – 7/1/10) Link
    Reality Check on Aisle Writer Beware (VS – 10/27/10) (Look before you leap) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Book Review -- "The Street-Smart Writer" (VS – 2/11/11) (By author Marian Perera) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Beware of Pay-To-Play TV Talk Shows (VS – 2/22/11) (By author Kim Brittingham) Link
    Book Fair Bewares (VS – 4/12/11) (Don’t buy into the “publicity” schemes) Link
    Pay to Play Anthologies (VS – 5/5/11) (The fast and easy way to a garage full of unsellable books) Link
    The Cruelest Hoax (VS – 7/26/11) (If it seems too good to be true …) Link
    Indian Writers Beware: Literary Agent Scams in India a Growing Problem (VS – 8/10/11) Link
    Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: How Relying on Numbers Can Get You Into Trouble (VS – 11/29/11) Link
    Literary Agent Scams: Still Around, But On the Wane (VS – 8/3/12) Link
    Guest Blog Post: 7 Freelance Writing Scams and How to Fight Them (VS – 9/4/12) (By writer Patrick Icasas) Link
    Guest Blog Post: International Writing Scams and How to Protect Yourself (VS – 12/12/12) (By journalist Mridu Khullar Relph) Link
    Alert: UK Speaker Scam Targets Writers (and Others) (VS – 1/11/13) Link
    Bait-and-Switch for Self-Published Authors (VS – 6/4/14) Link
    Scam Warnings for Freelancers (VS – 11/14/14) (Identity theft, “free samples”) Link

    How to Find and Evaluate Agents & Publishers

    All in a Day's Sleuthing (VS – 11/2705) (Counting red flags re: a new publisher) Link
    AARRGH! (VS – 12/1/05) (Even Publishers Marketplace can have bad apples) Link
    19 CAVEAT EMPTOR! (AC – 12/3/05) (Avoid agents and pubs that advertise) Link
    When Bad Agents Go Badder (VS – 12/8/05) (Reading fees can be just the tip of the iceberg) Link
    Shades of Gray (VS – 12/19/05) (Cases when reading fees aren’t that red a flag) Link
    Call me Doctor and Other Irrelevancies (VS – 12/27/05) (Evaluating claims of membership) Link
    Faking a Track Record (VS – 1/28/06) (Evaluating claims of sales) Link
    Author-Agent Contracts (VS – 2/4/06) (Things to look [out] for) Link
    When An Agent Calls... (VS – 2/25/06) (Be suspicious of agents who solicit) Link
    Evaluating an Agent's Website (VS – 4/4/06) Link
    Top Ten Signs Your Agent is a Scammer (VS – 7/5/06) (Piece of interview with Writer Unboxed) Link
    A Little-Known Resource for Agent-Hunters (VS – 9/1/06) (Publishers’ rights listings) Link
    There's No Such Thing as a Bargain Agent (VS – 9/8/06) (Evaluating commission rates) Link
    Legitimate: A Word I Don't Like (VS – 12/29/06) (Why reputable, successful, or experienced is better) Link
    Learning the Ropes (VS – 5/5/07) (How to research agents and publishers) Link
    Literary Agents for Poets? (VS – 7/10/07) (What the real options are) Link
    The Interminable Agency Clause (VS – 12/11/07) Link
    New Year's Resolution: Use Caution on the Internet (VS – 1/3/08) (Evaluating search results) Link
    Caution on the Internet (Part II) (RW – 1/26/08) (Beware sockpuppets on forums) Link
    New Publishers: To Query or Not to Query (VS – 2/1/08) Link
    Research First, Query Next (VS – 4/13/08) Link
    A Publishing Contract Clause to Beware (VS – 9/12/08) (Transfer of copyright) Link
    Literary Agent Directories (VS – 10/17/08) Link
    Why You Shouldn’t Write for Essay Mills (VS – 12/11/08) Link
    Small Press or Vanity Press? (VS – 3/7/09) (Beware hidden fees) Link
    The Perils of Searching For Publishers on the Internet (VS – 10/1/09) Link
    A Question You Don't Want Your Publisher to Ask (VS – 10/9/09) (“How many do you plan to order?) Link
    Open Letter from a Writer to New Publishers (RW – 1/18/10) (Good intentions won’t buy you credibility) Link
    The Case Against Reading Fees (VS – 6/28/10) Link
    Lies (Dishonest) Fee-Charging Publishers Tell (VS – 4/4/11) (“We aren’t a vanity publisher because …”) Link
    The Interminable Agency Clause (VS – 4/27/11) (What to watch for re: agent of record) Link
    Contract Red Flag: Net Profit Royalty Clauses (VS – 5/31/11) Link
    Bad Publishing Contract Clauses, Part 1 (VS – 9/29/11) Link
    Why Poets Should Not Seek Literary Agents (VS – 2/24/12) Link
    Why You Can't Always Trust the Source (VS – 3/6/12) (Beware blind faith in agent/market listings) Link
    When is a Dodgy Publisher Like a Stopped Clock? (VS – 3/16/12) Link
    The Importance of Reversion Clauses in Book Contracts (VS – 4/27/12) Link
    Editing Clauses in Publishing Contracts: How to Protect Yourself (VS – 5/16/12) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Mustering the Courage to Turn Down a Publishing Contract (VS – 11/13/12) (By author Kfir Luzzatto) Link
    Early Termination Fees in Publishing Contracts: A Cautionary Tale (VS – 10/15/13) Link
    Questions to Ask Your Prospective Literary Agent (VS – 2/26/14) Link
    Why Poets Should Not Seek Literary Agents (VS – 3/25/14) (Repost) Link
    Agenty Advice to a Hopeful Writer, from a Non-Agent (VS – 7/15/14) Link
    Evaluating Publishing Contracts: Six Ways You May Be Sabotaging Yourself (VS – 12/19/14) Link
    Two Red-Flag Sentences In Publishing Contracts (VS – 1/23/15) (Re: publisher’s discretion and guarantees) Link
    Editing Clauses In Publishing Contracts: How To Protect Yourself (VS – 2/12/15) Link
    Signing Away Your Rights: Arbitration Clauses in Book Contracts (VS – 11/1815) Link
    Termination Fees in Publishing Contracts: Why They're Not Just Bad for Authors (VS – 2/12/16) Link

    Agents, Editors & Publishing in General

    21/ Today's Lesson: Copyright 101 (AC – 12/9/05) Link
    23/ Copyright 101, the Other Half (AC – 12/10/05) Link
    Much Ado About Nothin' (VS – 1/2/06) (What the “editor rejects famous ms” sting really signifies) Link
    30 What Does a REAL Agent Do? (AC – 1/7/06) Link
    31, "What Real Agents Do" – Part 2 (AC – 1/11/06) Link
    32 What REAL Agents Do...Part 3 (AC – 1/15/06) Link
    33 – What REAL Agents Do – Part 4, Subsidiary Rights (AC – 1/20/06) Link
    What Real Agents Don't Do (VS – 1/23/06) Link
    Editors and Agents (VS – 5/2/06) (How a bad agent is worse than none at all) Link
    PODs Under Fire (VS – 5/17/06) (Libel suits against vanity/POD publishers) Link
    Hard Truths (VS – 7/19/06) (How agents judge mss.) Link
    Should a Writer Query an Overseas Agent? (VS – 2/19/07) Link
    73 – Publishing...Playing the Waiting Game (AC – 4/15/07) Link
    A Reviewer's Plea (VS – 5/30/07) (Guest blogger explains book reviews) Link
    A Publishing Primer (VS – 6/15/07) (Via author Diana Peterfreund) Link
    Whoops, They Did it Again (VS – 8/17/07) (The “editors reject famous ms” hoax, revisited) Link
    Agents and Publishing in Film and Television...Ahem (AC – 11/8/07) (Media portrayals vs. reality) Link
    Lessons for Self-Publishers (VS – 11/13/07) Link
    Of Online Book Sales (and Pies) (VS – 3/14/08) Link
    Precautions for Small Press Authors (VS – 4/25/08) Link
    Can Free Ebooks Boost Print Sales? (VS – 6/27/08) Link
    Self-Publishing Services and Defamation (VS – 9/21/08) (More suits against vanity/POD publishers) Link
    Authors Guild Settles With Google (VS – 10/28/08) Link
    How Not to Epublish (VS – 1/12/09) (A case study) Link
    Authors Guild Alert on "Text to Speech" Function of Kindle 2 (VS – 2/12/09) Link
    Articles on Self-Publishing: The Need for Balance (VS – 4/8/09) Link
    Judge Extends Google Book Settlement Deadline (VS – 4/28/09) Link
    Why You Are Probably Not an Independent Author (or, Another Post for Which I Expect I Will Get Some Flack) (VS – 5/7/09) (The crucial yet oft-ignored differences between self- and vanity publishing) Link
    Agent for a Day (VS – 5/12/09) (Agent Nathan Bransford proves filtering queries ain’t as easy as many think) Link
    Free Ebooks and Sales (VS – 5/15/09) (When and how giving it away boosts print sales) Link
    BEA Bewares (VS – 5/28/09) (Don’t pay for what BookExpo America cannot give you) Link
    It's Official: DOJ Investigates Google Book Settlement (VS – 7/03/09) Link
    SFWA's Statement on the Proposed Google Book Settlement (VS – 8/14/09) Link
    Publishers' Kill Fees, and Why They're Bad For Everyone (VS – 8/21/09) Link
    Google Book Search Settlement Deadline Looming (VS – 9/1/09) Link
    Google Book Search Settlement: Opting Out (VS – 9/4/09) Link
    Google Book Search Settlement Fairness Hearing Adjourned (VS – 9/28/09) Link
    Why Referral Fees Present Ethical Problems (VS – 10/15/09) Link
    Rights and Copyright (10/29/09) (What they are and how they apply to your work) Link
    Revised Google Book Search Settlement Filed (VS – 11/16/09) Link
    From Novelists Inc. Issues Position Statement on Vanity Publishing (VS – 11/23/09) Link
    Blurred Distinctions: Vanity Publishing vs. Self-Publishing (VS – 12/2/09) Link
    The UK's Society of Authors Issues Guidance on Ebooks (VS – 12/17/09) Link
    SFWA, NWU, and ASJA on Google Books Settlement (VS – 1/7/10) Link
    From the Authors Guild: Simplified Method for Claiming Works for Google Book Search Settlement (VS – 1/13/10) Link
    Another Google Book Search Settlement Deadline (VS – 1/22/10) Link
    DOJ Weighs in on Amended Google Book Settlement (VS – 2/9/10) Link
    Supreme Court Reinstates Major Freelancer Copyright Settlement (VS – 3/2/10) (Landmark case involving royalties due for e-reprints, aka NYT v. Tasini, et al.) Link First Novel Sales: The Data (VS – 3/26/10) (New survey from novelist Jim C. Hines) Link
    Hardball, Amazon Style (VS – 3/30/10) (Amazon v. MacMillan over ebook pricing) Link
    Guest Blog Post: How Libraries Choose Books to Purchase (VS – 4/14/10) (By librarian Abigail Goben) Link
    Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (VS – 5/4/10) (Printed =/= read) Link
    Are Agents Underpaid? (VS – 6/22/10) Link
    Guest Blog Post: On Paid Reviews and What’s a “Book,” Anyway? (VS – 9/2/10) (Jody Rein wants you to pay her to review your book) Link
    Getting Published is Not a Crap Shoot (VS – 9/10/10) Link
    Assertions and Statistics (VS – 9/14/10) (Why hard data is so hard to find) Link
    Wholesale vs. Agency: Sales Models in Conflict (VS – 10/8/10) (More on the ebook price wars) Link
    The Importance of Context (Part 1) (VS – 1/7/11) (Lies, damn lies, and statistics: Part 4,032) Link
    Deadline for Claiming Cash Payment Under Google Book Search Settlement May Be Extended (VS – 2/14/11) Link
    The Borders Bankruptcy (VS – 2/18/11) (Surprise! They failed because they stopped being a bookstore) Link
    Deadline for Claiming Cash Payment Under Google Book Settlement Has Been Extended (VS – 2/25/11) Link
    Judge Chin Denies Google Book Settlement (VS – 3/22/11) Link
    Why Your Self-Publishing Service Probably Didn't Cheat You (VS – 3/29/11) (Seriously) Link
    Guest Blog Post: The Google Books Settlement--It's Not Too Late to Fix It (VS – 4/18/11) (By author Michael Capobianco) Link
    Literary Agencies as Publishers: An Accelerating Trend (VS – 5/17/11) (Who watches the watchers?) Link
    Getting Out of Your Book Contract (Maybe) (VS – 6/23/11) (Hope for those caught in a bad deal) Link
    Agencies Becoming Publishers--a Trend and a Problem (VS – 6/28/11) Link
    Judge Chin Wants Action on Failed Google Book Settlement (VS – 7/21/11) Link
    Authors Guild And Others Sue Universities for Copyright Infringement (VS – 9/13/11) Link
    The Google Books Lawsuit Will Go To Court (VS – 9/15/11) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Copyright Is People (VS – 10/28/11) (By author Michael Capobianco) Link
    The Authors Guild on Amazon's Kindle Lending Library (VS – 11/15/11) Link
    The Authors Guild on Amazon: Publishing's Ecosystem on the Brink (VS – 2/2/12) Link
    New French Law Seizes Digital Rights (VS – 3/2/12) Link
    Publishing Industry Terms and Contracts: Some Resources, and Some Advice (VS – 3/20/12) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Why Small Publishers Fail (VS – 4/4/12) (By author Cathy Clamp) Link
    The DOJ's Ebook Price Fixing Lawsuit Against Apple and the "Agency Five": An Overview (VS – 4/13/12) Link
    Vetting an Independent Editor (VS – 5/3/12) Link
    Judge Grants Class Status to Authors in Authors Guild v. Google Lawsuit (VS – 6/1/12) Link
    Rights vs. Copyright (VS – 7/2/12) (Summer reruns ain’t just for TV) Link
    Ebooks Outsell Print! Putting Headlines in Context (VS – 8/8/12) Link
    Vanity, Vanity: Turning The Label Around (VS – 8/24/12) Link
    Guest Blog Post Writers Be-Wary: Electronic Distribution and Control of Creative Material (VS – 9/7/12) (By Sheila J. Levine, Esq. and Gerald M. Levine, Esq.) Link
    Publishers Settle With Google--But What About Authors? (VS – 10/5/12) Link
    Writers Slam Secrecy of Book Publishers' Deal With Google (VS – 10/9/12) Link
    Judge Rules Against Authors Guild in HathiTrust Lawsuit (VS – 10/12/12) Link
    Publishers Hate Authors? Really? (VS – 11/15/12) Link
    Orphan Works: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Weighs In (VS – 2/6/13) Link
    Why Not to Register Copyright for Unpublished Work (VS – 2/25/13) (Unnecessary, plus it marks you for scammers) Link
    Thoughts on the Great Erotica Panic of 2013 (VS – 10/17/13) Link
    Crowdfunded Anthologies: Concerns for Writers (VS – 12/13/13) Link
    Self-Publishing and Author-Agent Agreements: The Need for Change (VS – 7/25/14) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Author-Editor Compatibility: The Crucial Element for a Successful Editing Experience (VS – 9/5/14) (Editor Katherine Pickett) Link
    How To Request Rights Reversion From Your Publisher (VS – 10/1/14) Link
    Don't Do This: Wrong Ways to Try and Escape Your Deadbeat Publisher (VS – 12/3/14) Link
    Finding Authors: The Importance of Establishing an Online Licensing System for Copyrighted Works (MC – 4/23/15) Link
    How Do Freelance Editors Get Paid? (VS – 3/18/16) Link

    Writers & Writing

    11: Writing a Synopsis (AC – 11/1/05) Link
    12 Example of a Synopsis for Bonnie (AC – 11/8/05) Link
    25, More Writing Hints (AC – 12/14/05) (Dialogue) Link
    26 --- Writing Myths..."If I can just get it out there..." (AC – 12/21/05) Link
    27...Writing Myths...If it isn't perfect... (AC – 12/23/05) Link
    Things New Writers Say That Drive Me Crazy (VS – 2/14/06) (“The odds are against me”) Link
    38 – Exploding Another Writing Myth -- "You have to KNOW someone..." (AC – 2/16/06) Link
    More Things New Writers Say That Drive Me Crazy (VS – 2/24/06) (“Everyone has to start somewhere”) Link
    41 -- The Need to be READ... (AC – 2/27/06) (How to garner useful feedback) Link
    45 – First Question... (AC – 3/12/06) (How life experiences influence my writing) Link
    Writing Query Letters (AC – 4/9/06)[/i] Link
    51, Sticking With It (AC – 5/14/06) (Get yer Butt In Chair and write!) Link
    59 – Writing Productivity Tips (AC – 8/3/06) Link
    60 – Some Writing Problems to Avoid (AC – 9/10/06) (World-building, dialogue, POV) Link
    64 – Grammar DOES Count, My Friends... (AC – 10/17/06) (A writer must know how to write) Link
    The Insidious Double D's (VS – 5/1/07) (How to avoid denial and desperation) Link
    Writers and Money (VS 8/5/07) (Realistic expectations of income) Link
    How Do You Tell Who's Going to "Make It?" (AC – 9/6/07) (Good habits make good writers) Link
    How 2 Rite Qwerry Lettrs (AC – 2/16/08) Link
    Writing What's HOT...Or Not? (AC – 3/4/08) (The futility of writing to trend) Link
    Writers' Myths: Giving Back Your Advance (VS – 10/26/08) Link
    Letter to a Desperate Author (VS – 12/21/08) (Don’t spam me, bro!) Link
    The Ultimate Queryfail (VS – 3/19/09) (Yes, Virginia, even Writer Beware receives queries) Link
    Making Lemonade Out of Self-Publishing Lemons (VS – 3/29/09) (More desperate promotions) Link
    Agentfail (VS – 4/3/09) (Writers’ complaints about agents) Link
    Guest Blog -- Playwriting in America: Percentages, Pitfalls, and “Pay-to-Play” (VS – 4/14/09) (Jill Elaine Hughes) Link
    Hassett vs. Hasselbeck: What A Plagiarism Lawsuit Reveals About Writers' Fear of Theft (VS – 6/26/09) Link
    Authorfail: When Authors Attack (VS – 7/7/09) (How NOT to respond to a bad review) Link
    It's Anti-Plagiarism Day (VS – 7/17/09) Link
    Writers' Myth: "You Have To Know Someone" (VS – 9/10/09) Link
    Thoughts on Self-Promotion (VS – 10/6/09) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Distributor vs. Wholesaler--Getting Your Book on the Shelf (VS – 1/4/10) (Author Cathy Clamp tells it like it is) Link
    Guest Blog Post: The Scam of Private Label Rights Articles (VS – 3/5/10) (By Smashwords founder Mark Coker) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Content Mills--Why Aspiring Writers Should Avoid Them (VS – 3/9/10) (By journalist Carol Tice) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Content Mills--Just A Stepping Stone in Your Career (VS – 3/12/10) (By freelancer Angela Atkinson) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Grants for Writers--As Diverse As You Are (VS – 3/23/10) (By freelancer C. Hope Clark) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Self-Promotion--Starting Too Soon? (VS – 4/30/10) (By author Alyx Dellamonica) Link
    When Asking for Help (VS – 5/24/10) (Common courtesy goes a long way) Link
    The Myth of the Evil Editor (VS – 7/16/10) Link
    The Importance of Self-Editing (VS – 7/20/10) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Active Reading For Better Writing (VS – 7/23/10) (By writer Aimee Weinstein) Link
    How to Write a Query Letter (AC – 8/18/10) Link
    When Persistence Becomes a Vice (VS – 9/17/10) (Learn when to trunk it) Link
    Guest Blog Post: How Deliberate Practice Can Make You an Excellent Writer (VS – 9/21/10) (By author Barbara Baig) Link
    One Way Not to Get Published (VS – 12/13/10) (Hint: spamming Writer Beware won’t help) Link
    Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks? Internet Book Promotion (AC – 3/9/11) Link
    How Not to Market Your Book (VS – 3/22/11) (Hint: Don’t pretend to be a pro publicist) Link
    Book Marketing Methods That Don't Work (VS – 6/14/11) (Don’t spam me, bro!) Link
    The Internet and Procrastination (VS – 6/17/11) (Half the solution is admitting you have a problem) Link
    Why You Want to Hire a Competent PR Service (VS – 7/1/11) (Hint: they’ll send review requests to folks who actually do reviews) Link
    How to Satisfy Your Reader without Being Predictable (AC – 8/24/11) (The subtleties of foreshadowing and subplots) Link
    Guest Blog Post: In Praise of Ripening (VS – 7/27/12) (By author Marcia Yudkin) Link
    Guest Post: Dear Agent -- Write the Letter That Sells Your Book (VS – 10/17/12) (By author Nicola Morgan) Link
    A Hand in Your Pocket: Monetizing The Business of Writing (VS – 9/26/14) Link
    Who's Running Your Writers' Group? Why You Should Be Careful (VS – 2/2/15) (Vanity press shills, et al.) Link
    Guest Post: Want To Become A Better Writer? Stop Writing. (VS – 8/6/15) (Author Barbara Baig) Link
    Guest Post: Beware Social Media Snake Oil (VS – 8/20/15) (Marketer Chris Syme) Link
    Guest Post: Imitation Is Much More Than Flattery (VS – 10/22/15) (Author Barbara Baig) Link
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