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Thread: Writer Beware: The Blog - The Index

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    Advice, Discussion, and Warnings - Specific

    Agents, Specific

    Barbara Bauer
    2--Fun With Writer Beware (VS – 11/16/05) (Agent “B” makes a fuss) Link
    16 Cease and Desist Plus Holiday Wishes (AC – 11/20/05) (Agent “B” still fussing) Link
    Barbara Bauer Redux (VS – 4/25/06) Link
    The Barbara Bauer Show (VS – 5/26/06) Link
    Barbara Bauer Redux, Redux (VS – 9/5/06) Link

    Martha Ivery aka Kelly O’Donnell
    No. 2 (AC – 9/28/05) (How WB began: Martha Ivery aka Kelly O’Donnell) Link
    3 (AC – 10/2/05) (Enter the Deerings; O’Donnell / Ivery, Part 2) Link
    3&4 (AC – 10/3/05) (Deering, O’Donnell / Ivery, Part 3) Link
    5 (AC – 10/4/05) (Meeting Victoria, Deering, O’Donnell / Ivery, Part 4) Link
    7 (AC – 10/18/05) (Deering wrap-up, O’Donnell / Ivery, Part 5) Link
    8 (AC – 10/21/05) (O’Donnell / Ivery, Part 6) Link
    9 (AC – 10/24/05) (O’Donnell / Ivery, Part 7) Link
    20 Another Victory for Writer Beware! WE RULE!!! (AC – 12/5/05) (Ivery pleads guilty!) Link
    More Martha Ivery (VS – 12/5/05) (Media coverage of Martha’s guilty plea) Link
    More Martha Ivery (VS – 12/28/05) (Ann interviewed by SciFi Wire) Link
    Ann's Martha Ivery Interview (VS – 12/29/05) (Transcript) Link
    61 – Martha Ivery Sentencing Delayed...AGAIN (AC – 9/20/06) Link
    67 – Update on Martha Ivery Case (AC – 11/26/06) Link
    Martha Ivery Sentenced (VS – 11/29/06) Link
    68 – Martha Ivery's Sentencing – Part One (AC – 12/1/06) Link
    69 -- Martha Ivery's Sentencing -- Part Two (AC -12/4/06) Link
    71 – Update to Martha Ivery Case (AC – 1/17/07) Link

    Lisa Hackney aka Melanie Mills, Elisabeth Von Hullessem, et al.
    Another One Bites the Dust (VS – 1/1/06) (Lisa Hackney aka Melanie Mills, et al.) Link
    The Lisa Hackey Saga, Part 2 (VS – 1/5/06) (Melanie Mills) Link
    The Saga of Lisa Hackney, Part 3 (VS – 1/9/06) (Melanie Mills) Link
    Song of the Mother-Squasher (VS – 2/11/06) (Lisa Hackney aka Melanie Mills) Link
    And You Thought It Couldn't Get Stranger (VS – 2/6/06) (Lisa Hackney aka Melanie Mills) Link
    Lisa Hackney/Melanie Mills: Coda (VS – 4/20/06) Link
    MM Rides Again (VS – 10/4/06) (Lisa Hackney aka Melanie Mills) Link

    Robert Fletcher
    56 Important Announcement! Attention, Writers! (AC – 6/15/06) (Call for victims of Robert Fletcher) Link
    The Scam-peror's New Clothes (VS – 2/26/07) (Robert Fletcher changes names yet again) Link
    New Alert from Writer Beware! (AC – 4/8/07) (Call for victims of Robert Fletcher who live in Florida) Link
    Important Update from Writer Beware (AC – 8/28/07) (Call for victims of Robert Fletcher) Link
    Retaliatory Lawsuit Against Writer Beware Staff Dismissed (VS – 3/26/09) (More egg on Fletcher’s face) Link
    Robert Fletcher's Lawsuit Against Writer Beware Ruled Frivolous (VS – 8/11/09) (Does more need to be said?) Link
    Florida Attorney General Files Suit Against Robert Fletcher / Writers' Literary Agency (VS – 9/3/09) Link
    How the Media Gets It Wrong (VS – 8/27/10) (A 23-book “deal” to Strategic Book Publishing) Link
    Update on Strategic Book Publishing / Writers Literary Agency / Robert Fletcher (VS – 2/1/11) (The lawsuit’s still at the cleaners) Link
    Robert Fletcher of SBPRA to Pay Author Restitution in Settlement of Florida Lawsuit (VS – 5/13/14) Link
    Alert: Cookbook Marketing Agency (VS – 11/12/14) (Another Fletcher scheme) Link

    Cris Robins
    Go Ahead. Make My Day. (VS – 3/23/06) (Cris Robins makes a fuss) Link
    New Alert on Writer Beware (VS – 7/29/06) (The Robins Agency, Cris Robins) Link
    Solicitation Alert (VS – 9/30/07) (The Robins Agency, Cris Robins) Link
    Cris Robins and The Robins Agency: She's Ba-aaack! (VS – 1/29/10) Link

    Leann Murphy
    50 – The Sun Sets on Desert Rose? (AC – 5/3/06) (Call for victims of Leann Murphy) Link
    The IILAA, or, What You Do When They Won't Let You Into the Club (VS – 10/27/06) (Leann Murphy) Link
    The IILAA Strikes Back (VS – 10/30/06) Link
    The Sun Sets on Desert Rose Literary Agency (VS – 4/22/09) (The law catches up to Leann Murphy) Link

    Christopher Hill
    Hill & Hill Literary Agency: A Scam Tale in Four Parts (VS – 9/23/06) Link
    Hill & Hill Literary Agency: A Scam Tale, Part 2 (VS – 9/24/06) Link
    Hill & Hill Literary Agency: A Scam Tale, Part 3 (VS – 9/25/06) Link
    Hill & Hill Literary Agency: A Scam Tale, Part 4 (VS – 9/26/06) Link
    Christopher Hill Redux (VS – 10/11/07) Link

    Michele Glance Rooney aka Shelly May
    Queen for a Day (VS – 6/19/07) (Michele Glance Rooney) Link
    Agent Spam: May Writers' Group (VS – 7/16/07) (Shelly May) Link
    May Writers' Group Exposed (VS – 7/20/07) (Michele Glance Rooney aka Shelly May) Link
    A New Agent Blog (Not) (VS – 11/21/07) (Literary Agent News, Michele Glance Rooney) Link
    Michele Glance Rooney Strikes Again (VS – 1/12/09) Link

    Et Al.
    Deconstructing an Agent’s Website (VS – 4/12/06) (Literary Associates, Henry Santsaver) Link
    An (Amateur) Agent's Lot is Not a Happy One (VS – 4/28/06) (Adrian Streather) Link
    Another Scammer Bites the Big One (VS – 5/ 9/06) (Helping Hand Literary Agency, George Harrison & Janet Kay Titsworth) Link
    Track Records: Another Cautionary Tale (VS – 7/8/06) (Carol Givner Literary Agency) Link
    A Junk Mail Agent (VS – 8/24/06) (John Hancock Literary Agency) Link
    Shades of Edit Ink: AuthorHouse and Objective Entertainment (VS – 1/26/09) Link
    Drewlie & Julia: Or, The Case of the Alias'd Literary Agent (VS – 12/21/09) (The saga of Sara Levine aka Julia Levin aka Drew Montgomery) Link
    Alert: Jane Dowary Agency (VS – 2/21/14) (Julia Levin aka Drew Montgomery) Link
    Apparently I'm a Boring Wrinkled Self-Published Lesbian (VS – 1/11/10) (Love notes from “agent” Eddie Kritzer) Link
    The Law Finally Catches Up With Faux Literary Agent/Film Producer Robin Price (VS – 1/15/10) Link
    Unhappy Client Suing B.K. Nelson Inc. Literary Agency (VS – 9/28/10) Link
    The Peter Lampack Agency Loses Suit Against Former Client (VS – 11/3/10) Link
    Red Flag Alert: Loiacono Literary Agency, Swetky Literary Agency, Warner Literary Group (VS – 2/16/17) Link
    Best Solution Author Agency (or, Beware of Agent Solicitations) (VS – 1/21/11) Link
    Clark, Mendelson, and Scott: New Name for a Fee-Charging Agency (VS – 6/3/11) (Samuel C. Asinugo tries again) Link
    Beware Zombies: Franklin-Madison Literary Agency (VS – 11/2/11) Link
    Guest Blog Post: A Blast From the Past--Thieving "Literary Agent" Uwe Luserke Re-Surfaces (VS – 12/6/11) (By author Michael Capobianco) Link
    New/Updated Alerts at Writer Beware: Literary Agent Uwe Luserke, SBPRA (VS – 4/23/12) Link

    Publishers, Specific (Loosely alphabetical by publisher)

    Happy Valentine's Day from Writer Beware! (VS – 2/14/07) (The Two Thumbs Down Publishers List) Link

    Police Investigate Pay-to-Play Publisher 2 Moon Press (VS – 6/13/13) Link
    2 Moon Press—Update (VS – 11/8/15) Link
    Justice for Authors: 2 Moon Press Authors Raising Funds to Sue Their Deadbeat Publisher (VS – 2/28/14) Link
    The Mail I Get (VS – 1/11/11) (Less-than-effective PR from 3L Publishing) Link
    New Authors As Shark Bait: Steve Alten's A&M Publishing (VS – 3/2/16) Link (VS – 8/22/08) (Teton River Productions) Link
    Rebuttal Scuttlebutt (VS – 7/3/06) (Airleaf creates Authors Speak Out “blog”) Link
    A Night to Remember (VS – 1/20/07) (Airleaf’s Author Cruise) Link
    Airleaf Update (VS – 11/3/07) (Mounting legal troubles) Link
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (AC – 12/24/07) (Airleaf shut down) Link
    A Victory for Airleaf Authors (VS – 5/11/08) Link
    Airleaf Deja Vu: Jones Harvest Publishing (VS – 6/11/08) (Brien Jones) Link
    Jones Harvest Publishing Redux (VS – 12/28/08) (Brien Jones) Link
    Jones Harvest Publishing Goes Hollywood! (VS – 1/29/09) Link
    Appeal to Airleaf Victims (VS – 4/10/09) Link
    Airleaf: Coda (VS – 9/18/09) Link
    Expanded Alert at Writer Beware: American Book Publishing / Alexis Press / All Classic Books / Atlantic National Books (VS – 8/8/13) Link
    Going Out of Business, Nigerian Spam-Scam Style (VS – 11/5/13) (All Classic Books aka Cheryl Lee Nunn) Link
    All Classic Books: The Scam Continues (VS – 12/2/13) (Cheryl Lee Nunn) Link
    Almond Press Short Story Competition: Writing for "Exposure" (VS – 6/24/15) Link
    Almond Press Redux: Revenge-Rating A Critic (VS – 12/18/15) Link
    Chutzpah (VS – 10/19/07) (Anomalos Publishers) Link
    Publisher Alert: Arvo Basim Yayin of Turkey (VS – 12/19/11) Link
    Trouble at Aspen Mountain Press (VS – 9/26/11) Link
    A Small Press Implodes: The Inside Story of Aspen Mountain Press (VS – 10/25/11) Link
    Questions for Vanity Publisher Austin Macauley Yield Few Answers (VS – 12/21/16) Link
    Author-Unfriendly Terms at Autharium (VS – 3/21/13) (Just say no to “publishers” offering “services”) Link
    The Identity of Author Identity (VS – 11/20/06) (Author Identity Publishing) Link
    Author Identity Publishing Redux (VS – 3/30/07) Link
    More on Author Identity (VS – 4/4/07) (Kevin Fabiano) Link
    Tales of the Big Advance (VS – 8/11/08) (AuthorHouse) Link
    Author Solutions Acquires Xlibris (VS – 1/8/09) (AuthorHouse) Link
    Author Solutions Buys Trafford Publishing (VS – 4/5/09) Link
    Vanity is the New Indie: Weasel Words from Author Solutions (VS – 5/3/09) Link
    Author Solutions CEO Wants to Talk to Writers' "Guilds" (VS – 1/26/10) Link
    Another Interesting Promotion From AuthorHouse (6/08/09) (Targeting the elderly via the AARP) Link
    Author Solutions Inc. Expands (Again) (VS – 6/4/10) Link
    Democratization or Disinformation? (VS – 12/2/10) (Author Solutions’ latest whitepaper) Link
    BookTango: Author Solutions Rolls Out Ebook Distribution Services (VS – 2/15/12) Link
    Author Solutions Introduces BookStub (VS – 6/19/12) (Nifty marketing idea for astronomical price) Link
    Fake Jared And His Friends: Author Solutions' Misleading PR Strategies (VS – 8/30/12) Link
    A Partridge in a Penguin Tree (VS – 2/14/13) (Author Solutions invades India) Link
    Law Firm Investigates Author Solutions Inc. (VS – 3/4/13) (Call for victims of deceptive practices) Link
    Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Author Solutions Inc. (VS – 5/1/13) Link
    Penguin and Author Solutions File for Dismissal of Class Action Lawsuit (VS – 6/24/13) Link
    More Warnings: Spectacular Productions; Balboa Press / Author Solutions (VS – 8/30/13) [url=]Link[/url
    Author Solutions Class Action Lawsuit: Update (VS – 9/18/13) Link
    The Bookseller Takes a Stand: No More Advertising from Author Solutions, Inc. (VS – 2/18/14) Link
    Class Action Lawsuit Against Author Solutions Inc.: Update (VS – 4/30/14) Link
    Author Solutions Inc. Expands "Partridge" Brand to Singapore and Africa (VS – 5/2/14) Link
    A Marketing Pitch from Author Solutions (VS – 7/28/14) Link
    Megustaescribir: Author Solutions Inc. Expands Into Spain (VS – 11/21/14) Link
    Author Solutions Inc. Losing Market Share As Production Numbers Fall (VS – 3/1/15) Link
    Update: Lawsuit Against Author Solutions Inc. (VS – 3/6/15) Link
    Second Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Author Solutions Inc. (VS – 3/26/15) Link
    Author Solutions Lawsuit Update: Class Certification Denied (VS – 7/3/15) Link
    Author Solutions Class Action Lawsuit Settled (VS – 8/25/15) Link
    Author Solutions Sold to Private Equity Firm (VS – 1/5/16) Link
    Profit Engine: The Author Solutions Markup (VS – 1/15/16) Link
    The Continuing Decline of "Assisted-Self-Publishing" Giant Author Solutions (VS – 1/18/17) Link
    Solicitation Alert: Blessed Hope Publishing (VS – 2/18/13) Link
    Blue Ash Publishing: New Self-Publishing Service from Writer's Digest (VS – 8/19/14) Link
    Blu Phier Publishing: Another Contract "Gotcha" (VS – 10/3/08) Link
    Use BookSurge or Die? (VS – 3/28//08) (Amazon’s ultimatum to POD users) Link
    The Authors Guild on Amazon/BookSurge (VS – 4/4/08) Link
    Amazon BookSurge Anti-Trust Lawsuit Can Proceed (VS – 8/27/09) Link
    Cacoethes Publishing to Some of its Authors: See Ya! (VS – 2/20/09) Link
    Christian Writers Guild Publishing: Pay to Play from Jerry B. Jenkins (VS – 2/1/13) Link
    And You Thought Kickbacks Were Just For Scammers (VS – 9/21/07) (Chronicle Books, Blurb) Link
    From Chronicle Books (VS – 9/28/07) (Statement re: Blurb controversy) Link
    Crescent Moon Press, Musa Publishing Close Their Doors (VS – 2/27/15) Link
    Author Concerns and Complaints at Crimson Romance (VS – 6/19/13) Link
    D Publishing: Dymocks' New Self-Pub Service (VS – 12/16/11) Link
    Diggory Press: Stranger Than Fiction (VS – 6/10/09) (Basket case headed for court case) Link
    Alert: Trouble at Ellora's Cave (VS – 9/15/14) Link
    Notes From the Underbelly (VS – 11/16/10) (James Frey’s book packager Full Fathom Five) Link
    The Empty Canoe: Another Scam Gets Its Due (VS – 12/6/07) Link
    The Short Life and Strange Death of Entranced Publishing (VS – 3/28/14) Link
    e-Publishing Revo: It's a New Electronic Self-Publishing Service, But There's a Catch (VS – 5/10/12) Link
    Farrah Gray Publishing (VS – 7/19/11) (Imprint of Health Communications Inc. charges authors $100k) Link
    Guest Blog Post: Fitzhenry and Whiteside--Writer Beware (VS – 10/18/11) (By author Doranna Durgin) Link
    Bad Impressions for Good Impressions Audio Books (VS – 8/17/09) Link
    Warning: Green Shore Publishing (VS – 7/22/14) (Adam Salviani) Link
    Harlequin Horizons: Another Major Publisher Adds A Self-Publishing Division (VS – 11/18/09) Link
    MWA Weighs In On Harlequin Horizons (VS – 11/19/09) Link
    SFWA on Harlequin Horizons (VS – 11/19/09) Link
    Mystery Writers of America Delists Harlequin (VS – 12/4/09) Link
    Author Solutions CEO Responds to Harlequin/Nelson Flap (VS – 12/7/09) Link
    New Name for Harlequin Horizons: DellArte Press (VS – 11/24/09) Link
    Digital Rights Showdown: HarperCollins v. Open Road (VS – 1/17/12) Link
    Time to Bury the Hachette (MC – 7/10/14) (Publishers v. Amazon) Link
    Hay House Establishes Publishing Service Division (VS – 5/14/10) (Another Author Solutions vanity “partnership”) Link
    Police Investigate Historical Pages Publishing Company (VS – 6/7/11) (Peter Campbell-Copp faces felony charges) Link
    Hudson Audio Publishing (VS – 12/10/09) Link
    The Fine Print of iBooks Author (VS – 1/20/12) Link
    Publisher Alert: Iconic Publishing / Jonquil Press / Red Lizard Press (VS – 8/21/13) Link
    Inspired Living Publishing: Another Vanity Anthology Scheme (VS – 2/17/10) Link
    57 – iUniverse's Publishing Program, and Placement in Barnes and Noble Stores (Revised) (AC – 6/30/06) Link
    iUniverse and AuthorHouse Merge (VS – 9/10/07) Link
    Solicitation Alerts: JustFiction! Edition and DIP Publishing House (VS – 8/2/11) (Stay safe: don’t do business with spammers) Link
    The Fine Print of Amazon's New KDP Select Program (VS – 12/8/11) Link
    Guest Post: One Author's First Month in KDP Select (VS – 1/27/12) (By author Heather Wardell) Link
    Kindle Scout: The Pros and Cons of Amazon's New Crowdsourced Publishing Program (VS – 10/29/14) Link
    Kissed Publications: Hidden Costs (VS – 3/26/08) Link
    Laray Carr Publications, a.k.a. LC Publications, a.k.a. LCP Media (VS – 9/207) Link
    Solicitation Alert: Litfire Publishing (VS – 11/7/14) Link
    Dispatches from the Ebook Wars: Macmillan vs. Amazon (VS – 2/1/10) Link
    Niche Age Media: Laray Carr Returns (VS – 8/3/09) Link
    More Small Publisher Storm Warnings: Port Town Publishing and Light Sword Publishing (VS – 7/11/08) Link
    Light Sword Publishing Petitions for Bankruptcy (VS – 1/6/09) Link
    Alert: Light Sword Publishing, a.k.a. LSP Digital, Returns (VS – 11/18/11) Link
    Alerts: Lobster Press and Dailey Swan Publishing (VS – 10/13/11) Link
    Lulu Acquires (VS – 4/17/09) Link
    Essential Reading (VS – 9/14/07) (Martell Publishing, Ed Johnson) Link
    Submission Guidelines to Beware of: Midwest Literary Magazine (VS – 3/25/11) Link
    Month9Books Scales Back Its List Amid Allegations of Nonpayment (VS – 7/1/16) Link
    "Cutting Lists Isn't New": Q&A with Month9books Founder Georgia McBride (VS – 7/8/16) Link
    Publishers Weekly Features Vanity Publisher Morgan James ... Again (VS – 3/11/16) Link
    Rights Grab: Omni Reboot (Updated) (VS – 3/23/15) Link
    Indiana Attorney General Investigates New Century Publishing (VS – 8/9/10) Link
    New Century Publishing: Update (VS – 10/11/10) (Another suit by the Indiana Attorney General) Link
    Karma's a Bitch: Robin Price, David William Caswell (VS – 3/31/11) (Avalon Associates, New Century Publishing) Link
    New Publisher House and the State of Independence 2014 Report: Grain of Salt Required (VS – 10/4/13) Link
    More Publisher Storm Warnings (VS – 8/23/13) (Noble Romance, Vanilla Heart, et al.) Link
    Authors Guild Statement on the Wylie Agency's New Epublishing Venture (VS – 7/26/10) Odyssey Editions Link
    Alert for Poets: Oprah Wants You (But You May Not Want Oprah) (VS – 2/3/11) (Look under your seat for a major rights grab) Link
    Postage Promotion (VS – 8/25/09) (Outskirts Press) Link
    More Money-Wasting "Opportunities" For Writers (VS – 6/22/12) (Outskirts Press, Living Now Book Awards) Link
    Pearson Education Extends Scope of Permissions Licenses (VS – 12/13/11) Link
    Pearson Buys Author Solutions (VS – 7/19/12) Link
    Barnes & Noble Launches PubIt! Self-Publishing Service (VS – 10/5/10) Link
    More Egg on the Face of PublishAmerica (VS – 3/27/06) (PA loses arbitration) Link
    65 – The Cult of PArsonality... (AC – 11/7/06) (Publish America) Link
    How Not To Change Your Business Model: The Latest On Permuted Press (VS – 10/23/14) Link
    PublishAmerica Strikes Again (VS – 4/16/10) (Their latest ploy to get authors to buy their own books) Link
    PublishAmerica's "Brand New Start": Independence Books (AC – 7/13/10) Link
    PublishAmerica Will Be Your Literary Agent...For $199 (VS – 5/27/11) (It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad) Link
    Taking Famous Names in Vain (VS – 8/16/11) (PublishAmerica offers promotion to J.K. Rowling and Edinburgh Int'l Book Festival. For a fee, of course.) Link
    PublishAmerica and J.K. Rowling: Retractomancy (VS – 8/18/11) (PA’s response to Rowling’s C&D) Link
    PublishAmerica and CBA: Rowling Redux (VS – 9/21/11) Link
    PublishAmerica, Literary Agent: An Inside Look (VS – 3/30/12) Link
    Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against PublishAmerica (VS – 6/13/12) Link
    Class Action Lawsuit Against PublishAmerica Dismissed (VS – 9/28/12) Link
    Another Class Action Suit Launched Against PublishAmerica (VS – 3/11/13) (Once more into the breach of contract) Link
    For Those of You Who Are Wondering Why Someone Might Want to Launch a Class Action Lawsuit Against PublishAmerica (VS – 3/15/13) (Srsly, WTF?) Link
    PublishAmerica Is Now America Star Books (VS – 2/1/14) Link
    PublishAmerica / America Star Books Lawsuit Against Writer Beware Settled (VS – 3/23/16) Link
    PUBSLUSH Press (VS – 9/20/11) Link
    PUBSLUSH Press: Update (VS – 9/23/11) Link
    Another New Alert on Writer Beware (VS – 8/2/06) (Quiet Storm Publishing, Clint Gaige) Link
    One Week, Two Big Pieces of Ebook News (VS – 12/14/09) (S&S, et al. to delay ebook versions; Random House attempts grab of e-rights for old books) Link
    Authors Guild Statement on Random House's Rights Grab (VS – 12/15/09) Link
    Authors Guild Statement on Penguin-Random House Merger (VS – 11/6/12) Link
    Second-Class Contracts? Deal Terms at Random House's Hydra Imprint (VS – 2/28/13) Link
    SFWA De-Lists Hydra; Random House Responds (VS – 3/7/13) Link
    Random House Announces New Terms at Digital Imprints Hydra, Alibi, Loveswept, and Flirt (VS – 3/12/13) Link
    Alert: Raider Publishing International / Purehaven Press (VS – 3/27/12) (Adam Salviani) Link
    Warning: Raider Publishing International (VS – 4/16/15) (Adam Salviani) Link
    Solicitation Alert: RPI Publications, a.k.a. Raider Publishing International (VS – 2/16/16) (Adam Salviani) Link
    Small Press Storm Warnings: Pegasus Books, Realmwalker Publishing Group, Spectral Press, Tickety Boo Press (VS – 4/22/16) Link
    Red Rose Publishing: Alert (VS – 9/3/10) (Unprofessional publisher is unprofessional) Link
    New Publisher: Resurrection House (VS – 9/10/13) Link
    Contract Alert: Simon & Schuster (VS – 5/18/07) Link
    Simon & Schuster, Media Predict, and Project Publish (VS – 5/23/07) Link
    Archway Publishing: Simon & Schuster Adds a Self-Publishing Division (VS – 11/28/12) Link
    Writing Oddities: (VS – 2/16/09) Link
    Another Small Press Horror Story: Silver Publishing Is Gone (VS – 4/15/14) Link
    How Publishers Abuse Termination Fees: Sky Warrior Books (VS – 7/15/16) Link
    Start Media Buys Whiskey Creek Press, Imposes New Contract Terms (VS – 6/27/14) Link
    Start Media Responds to Questions on Purchase of Whiskey Creek Press (VS – 6/27/14) Link
    52 – Fun and Games at the BEA (AC – 5/21/06) (SterlingHouse, Royal Fireworks) Link
    SterlingHouse Publisher Wants YOU! (VS – 3/17/07) (Cynthia Sterling, Lee Shore Company) Link
    SterlingHouse Publisher's Cover Gambit (Or, How Some Publishers Make Money) (VS – 5/18/09) (Charges for “promotion” at BEA) Link
    Swoon Reads: New "Crowdsourced" Teen Romance Imprint (VS – 10/1/13) (div. of Macmillan) Link
    Tate Publishing & Enterprises Slapped With $1.7 Million Lawsuit (VS – 6/16/16) Link
    Trouble at Tate: Could It Be End of Days for America's Most Prolific Vanity Publisher? (VS – 12/9/16) Link
    The Law Finally Catches Up With Tate Publishing & Enterprises (VS – 5/4/17) Link
    Thomas Nelson Adds Self-Publishing Imprint (VS – 10/13/09) (West Bow Press) Link
    Rights Grab: Transferring Copyright (VS – 12/16/14) (The Toast ezine) Link
    Small Press Storm Warnings: Torquere Press, Caliburn Press, Month9books (VS – 12/1/16) Link
    Torquere Press is Closing (VS – 12/13/16) Link
    And Speaking of Vanity Publishing... (VS – 11/24/09) (Tweetbookz) Link
    I Broke a News Story, and All I Got Was This Freaking T-Shirt (VS – 5/10/11) (T-Post Magazine) Link
    University Press of the South (VS – 2/2/09) (Vanity press masquerades as an academic) Link
    Swinging the Other Way: Vanity Publisher Goes Non-Vanity (VS – 11/9/10) (Vantage adds a trade imprint) Link
    Venerable Vanity Publisher Vantage Press Closes Its Doors (VS – 1/16/13) Link
    VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller (VS – 9/14/09) (An academic author mill) Link
    Solicitation Alert: Bloggingbooks (VS – 11/11/13) (VDM / Verlag Dr. Mueller) Link
    Wake Up and Pay: Yet Another Vanity Scheme (VS – 11/28/07) (Steven E. and Lee Beard) Link
    Wake Up.. and Pay (Redux) (VS – 7/24/09) (Wake Up Publishing) Link
    Words on WEbook (Or, Another Reason to Read the Fine Print) (VS – 4/18/08) Link
    WEbook Update (VS – 5/2/08) Link
    WinePress Publishing: Scandal-Plagued Self-Publishing Service Closes Its Doors (VS – 1/31/14) Link
    WriteWise: BookWise Branches Out (VS – 2/10/08) Link
    Ding Dong, BookWise is Dead (VS – 11/4/08) Link
    Pay-To-Play Alert: #Worldclass Magazine (VS – 7/15/15) Link
    5,000 Writers (VS – 9/27/08) (YouWriteOn, Legend Press) Link
    YouWriteOn...Again (VS – 2/5/09) Link
    YouWriteOn Redux (VS – 9/24/10) Link
    Are You a Published Author? Now You Can Tell the World! (VS – 2/4/10) (ZLS Publishing offers Author plaques) Link
    Zooty Suit Riot (VS – 1/17/08) (Zooty and Flappers, Domenic Pappalardo) Link

    Writers’ Services & Such (Loosely grouped by type)

    Worthless Services for Writers, Part 1 (VS – 1/12/06) (Manuscript submission services; Bookblaster. Scriptblaster) Link
    More Reasons Not to Use Automated Query Services (VS – 10/19/06) (BookBlaster, et al.) Link
    Opening a Vein: Agent Artery (VS – 1/21/14) (Another useless submission service) Link
    Agent Inbox (VS – 11/13/09) (Query service from WEbook) Link
    American Writing Association: A Service Writers Don't Need (VS – 7/1/14) Link
    MLM for Writers: The Best Authors Lounge (VS – 11/25/11) Link
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    Bowker Manuscript Submissions (VS – 8/13/10) (Yes, *that* Bowker) Link
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    e-LiteraryAgent: Something Else Not to Try (VS – 10/24/06) Link
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    All Romance eBooks' Sudden Closing: Many Questions, Few Answers (VS – 12/30/16) Link
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    Book Country And Self-Publishing: Why the Hate? (VS – 11/23/11) Link
    How to Fail on the Internet Without Really Trying: (VS – 7/7/10) (YADS) Link
    40 – Giving Your Work Away? (AC- 2/21/06) (Make sure you’re getting exposure you actually want) Link
    BookRix: Another Brand New Idea That Isn't (VS – 10/10/08) Link
    How to Succeed in Authorship Without Really Trying (VS – 4/11/14) (Buy Now Books, StoryMondo) Link
    IndieReader (VS – 6/23/09) (Reviews and promotes self-pubbed books – for a fee) Link
    Scribd's New Ebook Subscription Service: Partnering with Publishers, Profiting from Piracy (MC – 1/9/14) Link
    Story Surgeon: An App for Copyright Infringement (VS – 1/23/14) Link
    Publetariat Vault (VS – 7/16/09) (Yet Another Display Site) Link
    Publishers' Desk: Display or Misplay? (VS – 2/9/12) Link
    Plog, plog, plog, plog, plog... (VS – 3/1/06) (AmazonConnect) Link
    Plogs, RIP (VS – 4/22/07) (Plogs replaced by Amazon Daily) Link
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    Writers' & Artists New Self-Publishing Comparison Service Leaves Much to be Desired (VS – 10/11/13) Link
    43 Where Have You Gone, Bill Appell? (AC – 3/8/06) (Edit Ink) Link
    Another Service You Don't Need (VS – 4/12/07) (The Intellectual Property Rights Office) Link
    Copyright Scam: US Copyright Registry (VS – 3/23/08) Link
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    For Freelancers

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    Contests & Awards (Generally, then loosely alphabetized by name)

    Evaluating Literary Contests (VS – 1/6/07) Link
    Guest Blog Post: The Red Flags of Writing Contests (VS – 8/13/12) (By author C. Hope Clark) Link
    Some Tips on Evaluating Literary Contests (VS – 12/21/10) Link
    When a Writing Contest Has a Hidden Agenda (VS – 3/9/12) Link
    Awards Profiteers: How Writers Can Recognize and Avoid Them (VS – 6/9/15) (IPPYs, USA Best Book Awards, et al.) Link

    American Author Contest (VS – 8/10/07) (Airleaf, CineMagic Entertainment, Lite Stone Entertainment) Link
    American Author Contest (or, Why Writers Should Use Craigslist With Caution) (VS – 6/8/10) Link
    Alert: America's Next Author Contest (VS – 10/26/12) Link
    The Blooker Prize (no, that's not a typo) (VS – 2/1/06) ( Link
    Kickbacks, Opportunism, and Fake Awards, Oh My: Three Solicitation Alerts (VS – 2/19/16) (Bookfuel, Encircle Publications, Book Excellence Awards) Link
    Booklife Prize in Fiction (VS – 6/9/16) Link
    The Life of Riley -- er -- Writer (VS – 4/7/06) (Book Millionaire, Lori Prokop) Link
    Author Reality Show Meets Actual Reality (VS – 9/18/07) (Book Millionaire, Lori Prokop) Link
    The New Fad in Publishing (VS – 10/4/07) (Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award) Link
    More on the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (VS – 10/23/07) Link
    Again, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (VS – 11/14/08) Link
    Breakthrough Script Showcase: Another Iffy Contest (VS – 1/2/07) (Studio Readers, Inc.) Link
    More Contest Alerts: Brit Writers' Awards, Amazon Studios (VS – 12/10/10) Link
    The Brit Writers Awards: Questions and Threats (VS – 11/9/11) Link
    A Publishing Raffle? (VS – 2/23/07) (Canadian Aid Charities, Bookland Presss) Link
    Canadian Aid Literary Award Contest Redux (VS – 6/12/07) (Bookland Press) Link
    Character Building Counts and Wise Bear Digital: Two More High-Entry Fee Book Awards (VS – 10/24/12) Link
    Another Vanity Award: The 2010 Creative Spirit Awards (VS – 2/23/10) Link
    Delmont-Ross Writing Contest: The Saga of a Fake Literary Competition (VS – 1/25/12) Link
    The Con Man Who Tried To Buy Writer Beware's Silence (AC – 3/23/12) (Mitchell Graham aka Mitchell Gross) Link
    Eber & Wein: Another Vanity Anthology Scheme (VS – 3/17/09) Link
    Emerging Writer Awards (VS – 7/30/09) (Triom Publishing) Link
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    FieldReport True Life Stories: Update (VS – 7/25/08) Link
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    We Have a Winner (VS – 5/31/07) (S&S / First Chapters Writer Competition) Link
    Again, First Chapters Competition: This Time With Love (VS – 7/23/07) (Simon & Schuster, Link
    2008 Indie Book Awards (VS – 2/29/08) ( Link
    The 2011 Indie Publishing Contest (VS – 12/7/10) Link
    Award Alert: The IndieReader Discovery Awards (VS – 8/12/11) ($150 entry fee for prizes of dubious worth) Link
    Make Your Mark 2007 (or, Move Over, Sobol: There's A New Big-Money Contest in Town) (VS – 12/21/06) Link
    Awards Profiteering: The Book Festival Empire of JM Northern Media (VS – 11/15/13) Link
    Contest Alert: Mirage Books (VS – 10/31/08) Link
    Neoverse Writing Competition Makes Its Rules More Author-Friendly (VS – 12/9/15) Link
    Nurmal Resources PUBLISH ME! Contest (VS – 4/9/10) ($250 entry fee gets you … what?) Link
    Contest Alert: (VS – 3/4/11) (With Link Returns (VS – 4/11/12) Link
    Yet More Contest Stuff (VS – 2/8/07) (Premiere Fiction, Terracopiae Press) Link
    Alert: Screenplay Replay Contest (VS – 11/1/12) Link
    Beware of Fake Awards (VS – 2/19/10) (aka Small Business Commerce Association) Link
    Fake Contest Alert (VS – 6/15/08) (“SFWA” contest on Craigslist) Link (Or, it's Not a Good Idea to Spam Writer Beware) (VS – 8/5/10) Link
    Rights Concerns: Simon451 Novel-Writing Contest for Students (VS – 3/6/14) Link
    The Sobol Award (VS – 9/14/06) Link
    The Sobol Award Again (VS – 12/7/06) Link
    Sobol Contest Closes (VS – 1/8/07) Link
    Fine Print (VS – 1/25/06) (SFX Magazine) Link
    Who's Wergle Flomp? (VS – 8/15/7) (Fun at scammers’ expense) Link
    WriteIndia Writing Contest: When a Contest Sponsor Changes the Rules (VS – 7/19/16) Link
    Contest Alert: WriteOnCon (VS – 8/5/11) (Copyright concerns re: sponsor Link
    Zimbo Books Fiction Competition (VS – 11/7/08) Link
    When is a Display Site Not a Display Site? (VS – 2/2/07) (Zirdland) Link
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