Ok, I'm going to stick my foot in my mouth and start the thread this time. Everybody else is busy submitting stuff. So, I guess that leaves me.

And, last month I actually submitted 2X, well, 1 1/2 actually. I sent a query to a regional parenting market, and got a go-ahead to write it on-spec. I wrote the darn thing, but then was so freaked out I couldn't send it. I was shaking, literally. JenNipps and I were together, planning to attend a writing class, so I talked her into sending it for me. In truth, I think I said, "Jen, I can't do this." and she sat down and sent it for me. Cool friend, huh?

Then, last week I sent a query to a new magazine in the state. I'm now on their list of authors, but probably won't write much for them because "I live to far away". Whatever, I told the editor repeatedly I didn't mind driving 2 hours to do a story. But, I sent it, aren't ya'll proud?

For this month, some more (maybe 10?) of my high school presentations, my column for our newsletter, and 4 more queries.

I don't know what I'll do if they say yes on the queries. I guess write the thing and send it to Jen so she can send it in for me. Am I pathetic or what?

Anyway, that's my goals, what are yours?