I sent an e-query to this agency for a non-fiction book, and told them I have a proposal I'd like to send if they are interested. Their response:

We received your query and would like to review sample materials on an exclusive basis. Please forward three representative chapters (approximately 50 pages) and, if you would like the materials to be returned, an adequate SASE. Otherwise, we still have the SASE included with your query letter. Please mark your envelope, “Requested Materials.”

My concerns:
1. Three other agents have the proposal so I can't grant an exclusive;
2. I don't have three chapters/50 pages because it's non-fiction;
3. They can't "still have my SASE" because I didn't send my query snail mail.

Is there a chance he didn't mean to email me??
Should I email him back about my concerns?
Should I just send the proposal?


(And thanks. )