I didn't see this publisher listed among the threads, and I wanted to comment since I just had a conversation with them. I'm clearly still a novice in this world, but I'm beginning to learn fast what kind of operations to avoid thanks to the experienced people here. A long while back I found this publisher's website, and it seemed pretty interesting. So I sent them my query. Several months later I received a call from Michelle wanting to "talk about my book."

I must mention, that subsequent to my query I did find them listed on the predators & editors site & discovered they are affiliated with Petersen Publishing Group, and are apparently a vanity publisher.

Knowing this, I went into the call interested to find out what they would tell me. After a few moments of polite conversation regarding what my book was about, Michelle proceeded to tell me "how the publishing industry works." Needless to say, her information does not match what the authors here describe.

My warning to anyone looking at this publisher is to run away. They claim it takes $40,000 to launch a book and their authors are asked to pay a "1 time investment" of $15,000 to $20,000, and they get a discount on any reprinting that might need to be done in the future (1 time, huh?). That and the author must do most of his/her own publicity as well. Oh, and of course they will work out payment plans. Now that's the scariest deal I've run across so far. Oh, and I was also informed that they had over 80 years of experience and many authors had left other publishers to come to them because they allow authors to keep such high percentages of their royalties (all books an author sells on their own they keep 100% of).

Somehow I politely told Michelle I was not interested in paying to publish my book, but thanks anyway, and she had the nerve to claim they are not a vanity publisher. Wow, I wonder who can afford to publish with them? Anyway, I wanted to issue a warning for any new, green authors out there who may be very wealthy to run far away from these guys.