I have found a problem in the last four years that is really bothering me. I have literally hundreds of story ideas thought up. Some have gotten outlined and plotted. I will start to work on one and then put it away when a new job comes up or when I think of a new story. Sometimes, the story will get plotted and outlined but I will have no intention of working on it right out of the gates because I have other projects that need to be worked on.

I haven't done much research into this area of writing because, as one of my friends put it, if I can't write them then I am not much of a writer. That really bothered me and I tried to put a lot of time into finishing some of the projects, but I can't just toss aside my paying gigs in order to force myself to work on stuff in my "to do" folder that might not ever make a dime.

Is there a process to go through in which an idea can be pitched for someone else to write? Like a guy comes up with a movie idea and then pitches the idea to a bunch of script writers, but for the writing field rather than film and television.

Any ideas, answers, or help on this topic from you guys?