Greetings to all,

My goal is to get on the Oprah show so that I can offer hope through my amazing true life story, share the secrets of stopping bullying / teen violence, and give away as many free copies of my book as possible (one-million, or more?!)

I am going to Chicago on Oct. 20th - 24th to try and get their attention. Mostly by standing outside their business and handing out items (food, newspapers, etc.) that have stickers on them advertising my website ( and copies of my book. Since my area of expertise is bullying, I also plan on arranging to speak at a middle / high school that week and invite staff from HARPO Productions to come see me in action.

Beyond that I'm not sure what else to do - could really use some suggestions here. Willing to do most anything that's legal and doesn't involve setting myself on fire!

Thanks for any suggestions!