OK. Look...I am working hard at a writing project and I thought this could be a good resource to use for support. Maybe it could be or maybe not.

But I want to be clear about somethings: I have participated in other Forums on other subjects and there seems to be some common dynamics. One is that when I join up everyone writes back to me and act as if I have just found the holly grail. Like I have just found some group of totally dedicated totally responsible human beings that just are totally there for each other and so and so on....

Well that is not the case here or just about anywhere. I am just not a big fan of pretense.

But this is even more of an iriitation when the forum claims to offer something and then it does not come through. I wrote to someone offering themselves as a buddy and they have not replied back. This is ridiculous. The list is not huge and so it is fair to assume that anybody there is ready, willing and able to follow through.

My life is hard...if someone wants to step up and offer themselves as a buddy then fine...I do not really feel like writing a dozen messages to finally find one.