And I get to start the October thread, too? Hmmm.... Someone must've thought I'm reliable or something.

Can you believe it's October already? The year is just FLYING by!

I'm going to try month mapping as I understand it from Jenn Hollowell's blog post a couple days ago (yesterday?) and see how it goes. I'll find a link for you later.

Goals for October:
  • Attend Ozark Creative Writers' conference & make some good contacts next week.
  • Query a minimum of $80/day.
  • Blog 3x weekly on Creatif, Confessions of a Fat Chick, and The Idea Pocket.
  • Post daily tips on the Creative Tips on Twitter (feel free to follow that and my main one if you don't already & spread the word if you do and like it ).
  • Finish Navajo Rose (so close!!) and polish the first 3 chapters, synopsis, & query letter before the conference.
  • Submit/query a minimum of four novel submissions.
  • Apply to jobs/gigs on Freelance Writing Jobs that interest me.
  • Work on the Confessions of a Fat Chick book and start shopping the proposal.
  • Write new Hub Pages articles (one of my Hubs was listed in Hot Hubs last week!).
  • Add an article a week to the BeadedJen site on PNN.
  • Work on editing Kiernan's Curse (again).
I think that's everything for me. What about you?