It's been a while since I really let a review get to me, or even really READ one. And this time is dopey because, well, it's a category romance and it's RT, which means zip to anyone, most of all sales numbers but...

It just has taken all the shine off the penny for me.

I went out to look for my book on shelves today and came home holding back tear because I just didn't want to go in the store and look for the book. I honestly felt like people would laugh at me and that I was a failure. It felt like someone had slung mud on something I had worked my butt off to create.

Like I said, it wasn't even that bad of a review, but I feel like I must be one of the worse writers out there.

Anyone ever have a review or remark do this to you? Have you let someone's opinion dampen the fire for a WIP or make you feel like you just don't know what you're doing and everyone else knows it?

or is it just me?

annie jones