I'm not even within spitting distance of getting my novel published, but as with many of my stories, I like to imagine what sort of cover or illustration (for shorts) they may have when I finally accomplish my goals.

At the moment I'm writing an urban horror about a soldier's journey into death and the medic who carries him. Without explaining too much (because it would be a novel in itself) there is a white place between war and civilian life when soldiers have flashback. It's a place where they are most lost. I imagine my novel cover to be white with an ink drawing of a kevlar helmet. Two slips of paper are slid into the elastic band around it. One is the Ace of Spades (the military deck has a picture of Saddam) and the other is a train ticket that looks like a triage label.

Do you ever imagine what the cover of your book may look like? Have you ever drawn it just to see?

Dream a little and describe it to me...