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I was on Authonomy for about a month and then took my stuff down. Two things of note:

1) Some of the comments on what I posted were extremely helpful. I was able to fix a lot of things that I couldn't see at first.

2) It is SO POLITICAL. You have to kiss @ss and trade reads all day long. Who has time to do that? Some of the manuscripts that make it to the "Editors Desk" don't deserve to be there, but their authors spent every day on the forums and pushed and spammed their books to a point where people would just "back" it to back it. Really kind of silly. The site does not place deserved praise where it belongs: on good writing.

Those are my thoughts.
I agree completely. I had two books up for two months and didn't politic at all. I got exactly one comment about one of my books, and many connection requests from those obviously shopping for reads. The website works okay in a technical sense, but the core idea sucks. It's like that mob trying to get into Wal Mart on black Friday, climbing over one another.