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Thread: Morality and Religion

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    Morality and Religion

    Moderator's Note: This thread was split from the Bible Code thread as it is a separate discussion of morality and religion. I think it's interesting and important enought to stand on its own.

    I can not help but wonder what it is that makes people believe so implicitly in any form of sacred text. It is simply a history or the history of the mythology of mankind's beliefs. There's nothing magical in it. The words may lead one to feel inspired or they may not.

    I also always wonder why people feel the need for "proof" of a divine being. If we are accountable for our own actions and we aspire to a particular moral code then certainly it doesn't matter if there is a god watching over us.

    If they could prove tomorrow that the Bible, Torah or Koran were nothing more than the ramblings of human beings and that there was no god, no messiah, no prophets only imaginings, would we in fact change how we live our lives? Do we have the conviction of our beliefs without the influence of religious practices? Are we who we say we are or are we living a pretense?
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