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Thread: How do you find a literary attorney?

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    How do you find a literary attorney?

    Yesterday a woman called me with a request. She has two shopping bags full of journals covering ten years during which she has been documenting the abuse of senior citizens in her subsidized apartment building. The story she told me, without details, was coherent, thrilling, amazing, and blood-curdling that it could have gone on so long. She has involved several national senators, representatives, state officials, local officials, police, politicians -- the FBI even came to investigate and supported her findings.

    She's tired now, and feels things are more or less under control in her building, though the offenders are still living there. She's ready to go public and wanted advice on turning her journals into a book. Yowzah!

    The question for this group is how she can find a literary attorney to vet the thing to ensure she won't end her days in the slammer for libel. She's on a disability pension, but even if she had money, I don't know where to turn to find this resource.

    What can you tell me?
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