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1. How often in a week's time do you come across manuscripts which have the same basic plot?
2. How do you wind down after a weeks worth of meetings, interviews, and reviewing submissions?
3. What inspired you to become an agent?
4. (The random question, LoL) Does anyone ever recognize you in your proffesional capacity while your out and about?
1. I get these daily:

"Totally boring ordinary average kid with boring hair and boring clothes and a boring name on a boring street, nothing at all special about them, [finds an amulet / meets a demon / develops superhero powers]... get ready, cause this is going to be the WEIRDEST day ever!"

"[Vampire / Demon / Fallen Angel / Mermaid / Superhero / Elemental] is on earth [because of an amulet / because of "blood magic" / to destroy humanity / to save humanity / for some other nebulous, never fully developed reason] -- and has enrolled in high school! [He/She/It] is not a [monster / hero] like the rest of the family -- they can't truly feel human passion like our main character can. Want proof? [His/Her/Its] lab partner is just an ordinary average kid with nothing special about them... BUT THEIRS IS A LOVE THAT WILL NEVER DIE!"

Seriously. Every day.

2. I sleep

3. First I learned everything I possibly could about books by working as a buyer in a bookstore for a decade, reading a million books and talking to a million authors, publicists, marketing people, editors, etc. Then I met an agent named Barry Goldblatt and thought he was totally awesome, and decided I wanted to have a job like his! :-)

4. Yes, sometimes - -lots of people do go to conferences, etc, and I run into them later. One time I rejected a woman via email. Later that day I was taking a bunch of stuff to the drycleaners on the corner - and a woman in a car honked at me and said "Hey Jenn! YOU REJECTED ME TODAY" -- luckily it was a nice rejection, she didn't want to run me over!