I'm an engineer by trade and training, and I'm annoyed at the unrealistic aspects of space warfare that seem to be everywhere in books and in movies. So, in my annoyances I turned to the interweb to find out some answers that I really need to know, and this site just happened to have everything AND have the math and physics to back it up.


It's fascinating and totally alien from any form of warfare we currently know. If anything it might perhaps be closest to submarine warfare, and by close I mean close like a mouse is related to us in that it's a mammal.

I like the site because it answers many questions, like "What would a nuke do in space, would it still create an EMP?" and "How useful are lasers?" Things of that sort. Everything is analyzed and a good number of the folks who did the posting were people who have expertise in the systems described.

Definitely worth looking at for anyone who has a desire to write any hard sci-fi that may involve space warfare.